Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Eve.

This past Wednesday, Christmas Eve, Keiko and I spent the night at her Daddy/the ex(?)/boyfriend's house (that was our house two months ago). It was a good couple of days. We talked over Hen, Chinese food, and Pop Secret. Keiko acted a damn fool. LOL. We ate, then drank, got drunk, he and his sister got hilarious, then solemn. He ended up understanding my reasoning behind "the break", by Christmas Day. Funny, for as long as we've known each other (seven years), stuff keeps coming... It just seems like we would've knocked all of that out by now. But I'm learning that that's not how it works...

Keiko got sooo much crap that she'll probably play with for a couple weeks and retire. Then revisit.
I got a dope ass Hellz Bellz jacket. And my boyfriend back.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Newest Obsession: Clipse "Road Till the Casket Drops"

Okay, so I really wanted to name this post "Nigg@ I'm Obsessed With" (Malice, the one in the front, is like, one of the finest muh fuckers in the rap game! Ooh. I've always thought that.), but dudes read this blog sometimes and I figured I should provide something that would interest them as well. LOL. I've been loving the Clipse since the start, my homie calls them the "ultimate shit talkers". You gotta love 'em though. Here's the newest mix from these dudes. All the true fans already have this downloaded.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Newest Obsession: Colin Munroe ft. Drake - Cannonball

Heard this on the newest Drake mix that I downloaded the other day. I don't really know why I like this song, but I can't get it out of my head (smile). He's from Toronto too, and defines his genre as Alternative Pop, but he gets respect from the rappers (just like Mr. Mayer). He blew up when he dropped his version of "Flashing Lights" in January of this year. Here's some more info for him at Vibe.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pseudo-Nivea Ass.

So, tonight as I was riding up I-85 from Buckhead, my beloved Maxima overheated. I'd been working since 10 a.m. and ended up stranded on the highway at 3:30 a.m.. I'm pretty resourceful, and my dad's a mechanic so, I grabbed my flashlight and a jug of water from the trunk and did the radiator thing. Then my fucking battery died. I HAD to laugh and shake my head. I called for help & once help arrived & all was situated, I checked my cell out of habit & saw that my homie D. called & apparently left a text AND a voice message. This was odd, because we never speak after a certain time. Anyways, I read the text and it reads verbatim: "Don't fuckin call my man anymore Bitch!!!!!!!" Yes, with all the exclamation points and everything. LMAO.

Y'all already know the state of mind I'm currently in: just left my kid's dad because I felt like I was being resented. Once I left, I found that a lot of my reasons for leaving were because of my inner need to accomplish certain things. These were feelings that I'd actually projected onto him. I need to understand me and why I can be really hard on myself a lot of times. So far, in doing this, I've found that my relationship with my mom is a major factor. Working on that. I'm also thinking of going a different direction with the "9-5", as well as starting to take the initiative (yet again) to carry out my ideal goal of writing for a living. In general, I've been trying to be more positive minded and stick to my decision to leave the love of my life in hopes that I'll find myself (corny right?) and find him again. I know he's dealing with new chicks for the physical, but I don't have any desire to date right now. And I'm fine with that.

So imagine my surprise at the gall of this girl. I text: "Who's this?" but I'm thinking, "D. gotta be fucking with me. He just told me the whole situation with this girl the other day." Apparently ol' girl stayed the night a couple weeks ago and went through his phone when he was asleep. Texts were sent, voice messages were left, chaos ensued. LOL. So she answered: "D's girlfriend!!!" I was so shocked, but the words came so easy: "Oh. YOU the crazy one he told me about... LOL. You funny. And if D. wasn't my homie and that alone, I'd locate you and bust your head open for calling me out my name. Talk to your man, you fucking bird, while you're texting me @ 3 a.m." With all the real shit I'm going through, I almost cried laughing! I really coulda crushed her world too, and told her, her whole background as described by D. himself. If she only knew how that dude talks about her- AND the rest of 'em.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My New Obsession: Frankie Valli /The Four Seasons - Beggin' (Pilooski re-edit)

What the hell is it with these U.K. experimental cuts making their way into U.S. commercials? I love it! This is the joint from the Adidas Originals commercial with Jeezy, DMC, Red, Meth, Missy and Estelle. "Beggin'" originally was a mid-1960s hit by American group Frank Valli and the Four Seasons (LOL @ the "Four Seasons". How corny!), but the Pilooski cat remixed it last year. His Myspace reads "Italian Pop/ Psychedelic", but it also claims Paris as his home. *shrugs shoulders* Eh, whatever. This is dope.

Bigger Fish to Fry...

Didn't know this had a video...Perfect.

So now what? That's what I've basically been asking myself for the better part of a month. Life keeps going, although you may feel like shit is faltering all around you. You're not ready to accept certain things until you're not left with any other option. The BIG thing though is persevering right? It's not like it's just me. I have to get right for Keiko.

Is that shit supposed to be this hard though? Confusion, frustration, just a general sense of loss? Is this normal? Could there be a way to just forget that you ever felt this strongly for someone- ever? Work was so hard today. I'm mad I'm even admitting all this. I didn't want to sit at home, but by the time I got to work, I didn't want to be there either, outside of the money of course (smile). I'm prepared to put the big plan into action though, I'm sure that it'll be enough to take my mind offa this dude. He's dating, but I'm not ready for that shit. I know I'm not. This time I took from him was supposed to be for myself, but I feel like the longer I stay to myself, the more I'll only think of him. And he's not soley thinking of me- right? I don't know. Everything is just too much.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My New Obsession: Cornershop - Candy Man

Ever since the first time I saw the Nikey "Chalk" commercial a couple days ago, I'd been jonesin' to hear this song at my leisure. I effin' LOVE it! Shout to Dres the Beatnik for putting me on to the details...

P-Funky, UK Hip-hop, clap to this...

Everybody Hates Chris- Vid.

I couldn't catch a leak on this song for nada a couple months ago! And I sooo needed one. I love this joint. And I'm glad he did this video for it. The game is crazy now where you can really take your marketing to YouTube and let it ride...

Damn R-ra...

I'd been meaning to post this for a minute. It's crazy old, but it still makes me giggle. Enjoy. Or cringe. Or do both.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Live With Your Decision...

I let myself slip the other day. I let my situation leave my train of thought for a second and found myself hoping for something that was irrational and unreasonable. And I could kick myself.

Chilled with the ex all day Thursday. We sat in the house and watched movies, ate nothing but candy, popcorn and nachos while Keiko played with her aunt. I think my mistake was listening too closely and forgetting that I did have a plan when I left. And I need to live with the fact that I did leave. And if he's not there by the time I'm done with my plan, that shit was my decision... He asked if I'd been dating the other day and I told him 'no', but maybe I should.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Word Chris?

Okay so I saw this on Different Kitchen yesterday, and Ian was like how he saw that it "made its rounds a few days" before- whatever. I'm posting it anyways (smile). I can't lie and say that I wasn't somewhat feeling that Young Gunz album when it dropped, but they promptly fell off. Nonetheless, here's Young Chris making a strong comeback over live background!

Q Virgin.

So tonight was uneventful for the most part but I did get to experience MJQ Concourse for the first time. It was straight. When you first walk in (through a dark tunnel, so you know what the rest of the club is bound to look like), you can go to the left for the headbanger music or to the right through another tunnel for something more soulful. I went to the right with the bohos. It smelled like, "hot". Not necessarily like garbage, or ass, but maybe sex. Hot sex. Like everyone in there had just taken a shower, popped a couple pills, then had sex on the dance floor in between the ravers and make-believe B-boys. I saw more than a few perform 360 degree turns! LOL. It was chill though- different. I thought I saw Dres the Beatnik off in there too (Google him). It can't be a Velvet night, everytime you go out...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast with Tom.

On Saturday night I went to the city to visit my friends tending bar. After 'bout the 5th drink I ended up chair dancing to "Single Ladies" at Strip. LOL. Anyways, my homie Tommy was up there closing out and we decided to get some French Toast at Landmark on GSU's campus. Once we get in, we start talking about our respective relationship issues and conversation gets pretty deep when Tom breaks his neck to check a female walking past our table.

So me being the woman that I am, remind Tommy that I'm not one of his homeBOYS, and I can't empathize with his affinity for fat asses. He shrugs my statement off and proceeds to tell me that "sometimes you just gotta look, ain't nothing wrong with looking". Then, "Ugh, I'm disapponted. Her face ain't really end up being what I figured it would be. Oh well, can't get 'em all." He called it a "heat check" and laughed. I was puzzled until he explained the definition, then I laughed.

Here it is: Heat Check (heet chek) noun. An occasion on which a basketball player takes a questionable (i.e., bad) shot in order to determine how "hot" he is, usually after hitting several shots in a row. Provided by Basketbawlful.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Hey Sexy..."

When I woke up today, I kissed my kid and had breakfast with her. Then I boiled some water for tea and sat at the computer, ready to make rounds before dipping to work. Sent a couple e-mails, read the standard blogs, and sent a couple updates to Twitter (Maurice, where you at? Thought you were on there too.). Went to Myspace to check for messages- I had one from Some Guy: "Hey sexy? How u doin'?" Hit delete. I went to work at 3 p.m., just got home at 3 a.m., and made my rounds online again. I checked Myspace last: I had two messages, five friend requests, all undesirable, one of the dudes actually looked like he decided, "I'ma upload this profile pic that makes me look like a serial rapist. That's a good idea." One of the guys was like, "Add me. It won't let me add you!!!!" Just like that- with all the exclamation points.

It's like the minute Jarvis and I broke up and I changed my status, I get these weirdos sending messages. Wow. Do people even meet up through Myspace anymore?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Currently Digging this Kid...

Drake (Feat. Mickey Factz & Travis) - Overdose

Drake? Word? I'd heard of this cat eons ago, but I never got around to Myspace-ing him. Unfortunate, because I wish I was the fly muhfucker to put others on to him. At this point though... Vibe has a write-up on him on stands this month. I finally gave him a listen recently after Randy gave him another piece of positive promo over at his spot. All of dude's beats are ridiculous, his flow is decent, he also sings, and it doesn't hurt that he has a couple of high profile homies (i.e. Trey Songz, Lil' Wayne). BTW, if he looks familiar, he used to be on Degrassi The Next Generation (a Canadian TV show tradition aimed at The Teens) for like, eight years. My 16 year old niece used to love watching that show. I was looking at him at first like, "Umm... Naaah..."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Summing It Up...

Poor Kanye. As much as we all tease about his brattiness and tantrum throwing, he really has had a rough year. In addition to the loss of his moms, this breakup ish ain't no joke.

Run On...

Okay so I've got a lot to speak a little bit on, all kinda in the same vein though. Have patience...

  • This week I didn't really have money like that to just be doing whatever, but I had an incident yesterday where I had to go to the ER (uninsured mind you), that same day, my radiator on the good old Maxima basically said 'Fuuck you' (a la Cam'ron circa '98). So once your financial plans for the week are quashed due to no fault of your own, you just get to the point where it's like 'fuck it, I'll make it up.' So Tuesday night, I'm going to Straits for dinner and drinks...

  • Speaking of Straits, everyone I deal with knows I'm looking forward to the release of "Theatre", like seriously (Premo on a beat- really? Damn. He's going hard.). But I shocked myself today, listening to "Chopped and Screwed" for the quadillionth time, feeling like I might cop that T-Pain too. WTF? Most of the time, that computer voice drives me crazy, but Pain's got it to the point where I'm like, "Damn. It does work for him. Eh (shrugging shoulders). I'll take a sip of the Kool-Aid." LOL.

  • Everytime I think of Luda releasing an album, I remember that his DJ and I started off being friends like six months before the release of his first, when he blew up. And both of our lives were so much different then. Then I think: if that much can change within that amount of time, how different will my life be in another 3 years (if that)?

Anyways, in keeping with 2/3rds of my run-on sentence of a post, here's a vid of T-Pain and Luda on Jimmy Kimmel (peep this: T is actually doing aiight without that damn Auto Tune- and he's playing the piano! Am I the last person on Earth that didn't know he could actually play an instrument?!?). I'm hella late with this though, maybe twelve hours. LOL. Damn Internets...

*Shout to ChicaGorilla for bringing this to my attention on Twitter.

Friday, November 14, 2008


LOL. Word 'Ye? A slice of Humble Pie huh? Never thought I see the day when Kanye West checks himself. SMH. Long overdue though.

"I wanna apologize 2 Jeret Leto for fronting on him. I read my quote on Perez and was like damn that was wack of me. I've actually posted his vids on my blog that
had incredible cinematography. He actually covered one of my songs.
Like they said on Anchorman... You eat shit Ron Burgandy! Yes, I eat shit for that one"
*Found on Kanye's site.

Here's what he initially said, in regards to the winners of this year's MTV EMAs, if you missed it:
He adds, “Britney Spears over Rihanna? Are you serious? I mean f**king Jared Leto? He’s my boy but he shouldn’t have won over some of those other artists.”
*Courtesy of The YBF.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I've Got To Look Forward To...

My ex was supposed to spend Wednesday with our daughter. We said we'd meet up at a midway point on my way to work. It was something that was decided on Tuesday evening around 6 p.m.; Wednesday morning at approximately 7 a.m. he sends a text like: "Could you drop her off at the house (in Lithonia) or at daycare (in Snellville)? I just got in the house." Both locations are about 40 minutes out of the way, and by the time I actually woke up to receive the message, it would've made me an hour late for work, if I actually did all that.

I was annoyed at the question being what it was. If you want to see your kid but you decide to go out the previous night, let me know that you may be out late and the next morning's plan may have to change, before the next morning. Then once I started thinking about it, like really thinking about it, where are you going the night before, where you're coming in the house at 7 a.m? Especially on a Tuesday/Wednesday? You gotta be fucking right? Probably one of those work skeezers that've been thirsting after him since we had Keiko. I shouldn't care because we're not together, but we just broke up. So in addition to my being annoyed at him making me late for work, I was also irritated because you know...

So today, after that whole fiasco, I considered the idea of us never being together again which he assured me of, and I thought of the fact that I'm actually single again. WTF? Dating now- scares the shit outta me. People are crazy. Locating the jumpoff should be easy, but genuine companionship [sigh]? There's a cat at work from Jersey, who saw my "all blue graduation cap" the other day and I guess that made him comfortable enough to break ice with me. The guy kinda creeps me out, always starting comments or questions off with "baby": "Baby, when you got down here?", "Baby, you rep Brooklyn huh?", "Baby, where you stay at?" I'm like: I don't even know you! If this is what it's gonna be like, I'll pass...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing Left To Talk About...

This "break up" shit is harder than I thought. I said before that I wouldn't do too much detail on that side of my personal biz on here, at least not regarding this, not right now... It's all too fresh.

I made a decision that in his words could be the "best decision or the worst" in my life. Maybe if it wasn't a situation where we were supposed to be working towards raising a daughter together, it wouldn't be this hard. Now we both have to rearrange everything. It's hardest to cope with at night, after you clock outta work, chill for a bit, take care of the tangible things. When you close your eyes at night and think of where things were less than two months ago, it's unnerving. I dunno, just felt like posting, couldn't sleep, can't really think straight...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Look At This Dude...

LOL. Jay had to be like 16 years old in this pic, with all that jewelry on. Everybody looked so funny in the '80s. I was like the freshest grade-schooler though, in my white on white 5411s (with the straps out of course), Thinsulate gloves that showed the pretty swirls when it was cold outside and kelly green Triple Fat Goose. Get like me...

*Found pic on The Smoking Section.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Somebody Pinch Me...

If you take a look at my last post, you see the anxiety and anticipation I felt leading up to the final Election Day count. By the time 10 p.m. rolled around, I found myself wishing I was somewhere in the city celebrating this monumental moment with my people. So proud.

So I hadn't heard this Jay joint, "History" till today; I saw that it was out but decided to wait a bit. Adore it. It's perfect.

"Where are you victory?/ I need you desperately/ Not just for the moment- to make history... I been waiting for this hour/ History you're ours..."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Four Hours or Four Years. You Choose."

I love Sir Luscious! (smile) He called up to Ryan Cameron today to talk about his voting experience today, and dropped that opening quote on them peoples. He said that he went out at 5:15 this morning with his wife and they were numbers 6 and 7. Swizz Beatz called and said he flew down from NY to put his in. Of course, Puff called V-103 this morning, to urge everyone to go out.

  • Elle, from Ryan's show, said that she prayed last night, and couldn't sleep, she was so excited.

  • I got so many damn texts today: pseudo-inspirational, funny as shit, super serious. My inbox is damn near full.

  • The lines were way shorter today in GA than last week when I voted. I waited 3.5 hours on Friday. People were in and out today. Sooo many first time voters, and you know why they're just now voting, but it's all good man, it's a beautiful thing to see people take something seriously enough these days to speak out in numbers. Like massive numbers. Enough to make a difference.

  • Twenty minutes from where my parents live in West Bubble, between the woods and the Confed flags, they were with the bullshit today. The few Democrats that live out there, went to vote and found that the Democratic ticket wasn't even on the ballot.

  • There are so many "Victory Parties" here in Atlanta tonight. Watching the reports. In halter dresses. Sipping snifters of Hen (smile).

  • I mean, voting already feels good, but this year, it was like, unspeakable. Now black kids can come up with that in their mindset- for real. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, and I think it's just because I'd never seen it, and there's still so much hate.

  • If Obama doesn't win, I may cry a little. Not just for selfish reasons, or future tax returns, but because he would've gotten so close... They still keeping our history from us in school save for one month a year. This shit is historical. And no one can keep it from us.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad News= Bad Dudes.

To piggyback off of Mr. Garland's post a few days ago, there are a few cats today that make watching the news less than painful/depressing. Here is my favorite couple- both from CNN. What does that tell you? CNN is like the Ford Modeling Agency of the talking heads world. Yum yum. And we in the A, get them all to ourselves!

The first- Ron Lemon. Very cute. I saw him today with his hair cut lower than it is here...

The second- T.J. Holmes. Fine as __. LOL. I heard he used to mess with Chili though. And every other halfway cute heffa out here, is itching to get their hooks in him.

The First Day...

Other than my personal life feeling like it's in shambles, real life continues in real time, so your girl is pushing on...

The job situation is looking positive, which is really all I could ask for. Of all the years I've been serving tables, I've never actually seen in the employee manual, a clause about blogging. LOL. The HR person that was moderating the orientation Friday was adamant about going into detail. First of all, I was at a long table with most of the front of the house staff, who really had an attitude like, someone was forcing them to be there. There were a few young white "frat guys", a couple Barbie dolls, none seemed like they'd last too long. Everyone was just completely unresponsive. Like, the woman would make little jokes and shit, corny or whatever, but no one even cracked half a smile. Fine. So we get to the blog section right? Here's the conversation:

"Okay, blogging. Does anyone here know what a blog is?"

[the jerks mumble, I nod 'yes' and smile]

She defines "webblog", and continues in saying that it's fine to keep one as long as the restaurant is not mentioned in a negative light. She warns that if it is, they will trace it back to whoever's blog it is. At this point, I'm trying to figure out how I'll be talking about work on here without drawing attention to the place itself. LOL. The jerks murmur and damn near shrug their shoulders.

"I'm sure none of you spend hours blogging anyways."

Like she was trying to get her cool points back with these people she just met. Whatever. I know the stigma being a "blogger", and I don't feel like a nerd, but maybe I'm in denial (smile). So anyways, I figured, I'd do it like I've been doing it. I never speak badly about the place itself- just the patrons who get ig'nant. Or if I see some super fly shit that needs to be mentioned. BTW, ChicaGorilla if you're reading this... I'ma be like, across the street from you then, and I believe I'ma need those Jeremy Scott Wing Adidases in a mens' 6.5! (smile)

Do Remember!

I'm on my old school Clue drop today... LOL. Peter Gunz from the Bronx, recall that guy? Had the banger with Lord Tariq when I was in high school: "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)". Well, I'd been hearing about his look-a-like son Corey for a minute. His verse on "A Milli" is official- certain radio stations only play that version. Dude is like, 20 years old, doing an amazing job of spitting type-ridiculous. Anyways, found this vid on Kaos' site... Listen to him in the limo!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Months Till I'm Four Years From Thirty...

February 6th is the date of my 26th birthday, lord willin', I'll be able to celebrate it. I'm thankful to have made it to this point three months before that date but believe me- I'm terrified of getting older. It's actually the fear of getting so much closer to 30. I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be at that milestone, and now I only have four years! Under pressure.

I was gonna go deeper into that train of thought, but I figured I'd spare y'all. And talk about my plans, or lack of them...

Keiko's birthday is 2 weeks before mine (Aquarian like Mommy!), and for her 4th, I'm thinking-Chuckie Cheese bash and maybe cupcakes at daycare. As for me...

My birthday falls on a Friday in '09, and I haven't the slightest idea what the plan is, because I'm not very good at labeling "what 'fun' means to me". I like Grown and Sexy sometimes, most of the time I'd rather "Broke and Boujee". I like heels and pretty dresses sometimes, but I love dope kicks all the time. It'll have to be a mix of events. If I could only get Jaycee to scratch for me (wink, wink, homie)... Now I'm excited again!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Major...

Damn Tip. I peeped this vid over at the Kaos Effect. I always kinda thought T.I. was cute when he cracked a grin but I wasn't sure why. It's those PERFECT teeth! Peep your girl Chelsea interviewing the kid. I don't think I can be more proud of Tip than I am after having watched this! She usually bulldozes people, but he held his own here...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Should Be Out Partying...

It is BET Awards weekend here in the A. Instead I'm at the crib, barely eating, looking at constant Twits about the events, lamenting over the current state of my personal ish. I won't go into details but I will say that whatever happens... Is whatever happens. I saw this pic of Nas and Kelis at their last show in New York and felt like posting it. That is all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go Pro-Activity!

So I interviewed with the people at the newest W hotel out here. The Frenchie that interviewed me was kinda snippety but whatever, it appears that I got the gig for cocktail waitress. I should be excited right? Well... I would be if- they didn't hire me, and then tell me that it would be three weeks until the beginning of orientation. At least I can keep my writing up... So I came directly home, had a Heineken or two and caught a few "Curb Your Enthusiams". Instantly brightened my day up. I never really got into Seinfeld (shout out to Wale!) but I love the cat behind it; Larry David is absolutely hilarious. Look, I even provided a clip!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Had No Idea...

Things have gotten to this point... Found this video today at the Kaos Effect about dudes and their "purses". I've gotta admit that I've never really thought about it. I mean, I stay in Atlanta, the center of Black Gay Pride, so it's something that I've gotten used to seeing. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with a guy walking around with a messenger bag if there's paperwork for work/school, or dough for the strip club in there, but there's no reason for you, as a grown man to be walking around with a purse just to be able to say, "See? It's a Gucci purse. I got bread!" Chicks need purses, like me, I have a bunch of random shit in my purse: tampons, lipgloss, candy, aspirin, makeup bag, plus the regular: wallet, keys. Everyone is gonna do them regardless right? So if I fuck witchu, I'ma do that regardless of whether or not you have a purse. I don't care that much. But it is funny.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Can't Wait For This Album To Drop...

I love Luda. Everything I've heard so far offa Theatre is crazy. I haven't been this excited since like, Chicken and Beer. I mean, don't get me wrong, I always felt that he was dope: it's like 'lackluster' for Ludacris, is still pretty damn good. I can't even officially say 'lackluster' referring to his recent projects, 'different' would be a better word to use. Peep him and Ninth in the studio doing the Spike Lee Joint! BK stand up!

"Just Be Wildin' on You/ Just Be Stylin' on You..."

Atlanta DJ Jaycee posted this video a couple weeks ago, and I have no idea when it was officially posted on MTV but I gotta put it on here because it is absolutely hilarious! Just to set you up here: Jaycee put up a post about the woes of stylin' on somebody; if the dude in the first vid looks familiar, that's the cat E6 from MTV's From Gs to Gents.

Then Jay posted the next vid which is Questlove's take on the results of stylin'. Flippin' retarded! LOL!

Pretty Boy Bam Bam...

Where the hell have I been? I knew nothing of this little boy until Luda's "Undisputed". I tried to box once with a friend who does it and that shit is definitely harder than it looks. He told me that I caught on pretty quickly to have never done it before but I don't even think that he as a grown man could fuck with this little boy! LOL. And he's adorable.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Realize Who You Dealing With...

I effin' love Maino! Not just because he reps my hometown, but he also reps it well. I mean, it's crazy because I just posted something with his hook in the title. Apparently, this past weekend he was approached by Young Berg in the club and ended up slapping the shit outta him! It seemed inevitable, he's a little dude with a huge mouth. Jarvis saw him at Gorilla Zoe's album release party down in the city a few months ago and said that he's shorter than me (I'm 5'4") and was chasing a flat-bootied, light skinned girl around the parking lot. She obviously knew who he was, with that damn Transformers chain, but she wasn't giving him no play. A couple months after that, I saw him while I was at work at the Twelve, up in some chick's condo ordering all this food, looking at me like I should've recognized him, which I did, but c'mon, I ain't about to act like it, especially after that "dark butts" comment. He was goading me and all that too, "Hey, why you look so serious? You should smile... C'mon, you can smile with me." "I'm working. Is that your credit card?" So this was the funniest shit I coulda heard about this morning.

Maino's words: “He didn’t come to me asking a question, he was like stepping to me. If you got a question for me, ask me in a way that we can talk about it. Don’t approach me like it’s a problem,” Maino continued. “I did a little bit of God’s work, I tried to discipline him.”
“I’m a man before anything so if I’m at a club and somebody approach me in a disrespectful manner, what are you supposed to do? I don’t know how to handle it any other kind of way. I feel like I just gave him something light,” Maino added. “When you think about what could have happened…I’m around 20 people in my area and he came up to me asking me was I talking about him recklessly. I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt like I did him a favor. I tried to sober him up because something was wrong with him.”

Saturday, October 4, 2008

You See Me?/ Hi Hater!

Now, as much as I respect Jim Jones and his role in the Dip Set phenomenon 'round the turn of the millenium, I can't help but feel as if someone's bitter right now. Apparently, Jimmy had an interview with Complex where he airs out how he really feels about T.I. and Jay-Z's swag:

On T.I.

"I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it. You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?” Which one? Lemme hear it! When the b*tches want to f*ck you and the n*ggas want be like you, who got the swag? N*ggas with money and fame always going to look like they doing something ’cause they got the camera in front of them. But the cool dudes always stick out no matter where they at."

On Jay-Z

"...look at the Vibe cover. Tell me who Jay-Z looks like in there? Did you see the picture of him? With the Louis Vuitton scarf and all that. Who did that resemble? You can say it. But he did it wrong; he had a Gucci belt with a Louis Vuitton scarf. Who does that? You smell me? That’s like wearing one Nike and one Puma; how you going to get away with that? But I didn’t take the song as a shot, because I don’t feel like none [besides Weezy] of them possess any swag."

Can't you almost see the hate steaming from his words? He misses the point of swagger completely. Swagger is pulling the "I'm fly" shit off, and acting like, "It's nothing. I do this. I ain't even paying attention to whether or not people biting my style, 'cause tomorrow I'll be on some whole other shit." He's like a little kid with that shit. Obviously there's still bad blood between he and Jay but I felt some kinda way about his remarks on T.I. It's not like they ever had beef. I like Dip Set but I still know 'em as Harlem, and sometimes Harlemite dudes don't think before they speak. They're just loud and wanna be heard. He must have an album about to come out...
*As seen on Street Cred.

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Undisputed" Huh?

Everyone get excited for November! Damn Luda. And y'all know I haven't posted a video in months, so believe that this is dope. Listen to dude flow!

*Sorry about the quality of this video, I had a dope one the first time I posted this but DTP took it back down I think...

Back to Square One (Kinda)...

So working at Strip sucks absolutely! Management is disorganized and pompous and drugged up most of the time. Money is not what it should be which is a factor that's controlled by management- with a couple tweaks here and there, their employees could actually make some guap. But the well-being of their workers is of no consequence to management I suppose. So I made it to where I could get the fuck outta there- by any means necessary.

So that's the meaning of this post's title. Back to square one. On the social front though, things are moving. Everyone close enough to me knows that I want to write for a living, be it about music or clothes. As long as I've been out here in the A, this has got to be my busiest year on the social forefront.

I took Jarvis to his first Broke and Boujee last Thursday; I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into. It was fine for me, songs from the local squads and then something from the mainstream. Chicks rocking peacocks and buzzcuts with bra straps showing and kicks on their feets. Dudes with fitted jeans and flannel shirts. Jarvis sat at the bar the whole time looking like he was observing the llamas at the zoo. I danced by myself.

Before we went he asked about dress code, I told him to wear what he wanted, and that no one was gonna be looking at him that closely. "We ain't going to Velvet." My exact words. He had on cargo shorts and a Lacoste shirt with matching Adidas and his G-Shock. After we left I asked him if he understood what I meant: He laughed at my head scarf and cutoff shorts before we went in, after, he said nothing. I think he may have been a bit jilted to learn that there's a whole other world of people having absolute fun without caring about who's looking... Whatever.

On Saturday, Sheed and I were invited to go to a party at Utopia downtown, that our homie Rustin was throwing in honor of FAMU weekend. In an effort to conserve gas (and- oh yeah, ride in the brand new Beamer... LOL.), I rolled with Sheed but he and Chris had plans to go to T.I.'s Black Tie birthday party first, so I threw on the only dress in the closet (I desperately need to make a dry cleaners run), and headed out with them. The energy in the room at the Biltmore was so crazy. Everyone was so dapper and positive spirited, it was a cool change to the basic club atmosphere. Chris stopped once every five steps to dap somebody up. Radio personalities, athletes, Grand Hustle was out in full effect. Strippers danced in birdcages wearing white, curly beehive wigs and lacey undergarments with knee highs. Open bar of course. Cameras everywhere. I left the party like, "Really?" Now- to do something with all that...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep Your Eyes on Me...

"They say I'm a bad guy/ Why's that?/ 'Cause when my back's against the wall nigga/ I react..."

Been going through a bit of hard lately people. Lost my job on a technicality. The short version: Concentrics hires a company to catch you not carding underagers. I picked up a shift for someone. We were closed. I picked up the last table and didn't even think about carding them. That's that. They called their people, I was outta a job. But I'm at Strip now. Down the street. I fucking despise it. Won't be long before I get something else. What makes it so bad, I was next in line for the supervisor position. Interviewed and everything. I didn't want to serve when I was at Lobby, now I'm back to doing that shit five days a week. For muh fuckers who don't tip. LOL. Damn. Oh well.
Me and Jarvis have been having fun though. We went to One Midtown to use my card one last time before they got wind of my failing Liquor Liability and cut my funds off. He enjoyed himself (see pictures).
I went to a gay club for the first time since I last posted. It was craaazy! I never seen so many dudes scrubbing the ground. LOL. Like, super seriously, vibrating and popping and everything. They didn't play as much rap as I would've liked but as you'd probably figure it was a lot of dance music. Rihanna and shit. It was cool though. At least I didn't have to deal with overzealous dudes pulling on me, talking 'bout, "Ay girl!".
I can't wait to go to this party though. My second Broke and Boujee ever! This Thursday! If you're in town, you should pass through. I think I'ma bring Jarvis with me. Maybe he's ready to see me in this element after seven years. Last time I took my homies Rasheed and Ronnie, we all got super toasted of course. You know me... LOL.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"I'm Never Drinking Again!"

Man... Jarvis and I had a date night last night right? It was the first time I actually hung out at work on my day off. I work with some people who do that crazy shit all the time. Can you imagine? LOL. Like, of all the places that you could frequent, why choose the spot you already spent 40 hours at this week? Anyways, so, he doesn't like to go to Atlantic Station, something about the posers that stay down there- he doesn't care for The Show. And I feel him, but I make my living down there, so my issues are deeper, my issues are with the inner workings of The Show (rolling eyes).

So we close the world out and spend quality time together at Lobby. I get a Henny double straight and Jarvis gets a LI Iced Tea. We munch on sauteed shrimp and pizza. I get my Henny topped off for the free-free. I forget in the process of our drinking that all I had to eat that day was a bowl of oatmeal, three chicken tenders, and two french fries. I'm so excited to be out with my boyfriend, I suggest that we leave Lobby and walk to Strip down the street and see if Tommy was working bar. We get over there, Tom is in the place. He was more than happy to get us more alcohol, and charge next to nothing! I start to get loopy, as we walk back to Lobby, to tie up some last minute details on the rest of my night.

See, the night before, Sheed got in contact with his friend Chris. He has hellified connects: Chris gets me on the V.I.P. list for the Northern Exposure party at Esso. Me plus two right? Jarvis doesn't do parties like that, where reggae could possibly be played... No prob. Me, Sheed, Joel, and Sheed's brother were definitely going. So I finish up with the details and head home to drop Jarvis off and get changed. He was going to the "ballet" with his homie Clark to see clear heels and body stockings, LOL, so I didn't feel like I was abandoning him. By the time I got home I was sooo toasted, I got sick and said "I'ma just close my eyes for a second, sober up for a second..."

Sheeit, I closed my eyes at minutes to midnight, didn't wake up until five a.m. when Jarvis walked in. I was fully dressed, fully made up, fucking heated! Everything fell into place so perfectly, the baby was at her grandparents, who happened to be off for the holiday the next day, we had the whole night to go out and kick it, I was on the flippin' list- had a table and a bottle- Labor Day weekend! Got too drunk, too quickly, fucked it all up, and slept in. Aaaagh!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Checkin' In...

Man, I have tons to share this go-round... First off, I went to the Broke and Boujee joint last week with Sheed and Ronnie. So much fun man. I did feel just a bit overdressed for the pink mohawk and suspender crowd, but that's the beauty of that type of spot, nobody really gives a shit about what you have on- everybody's just doing them. Hannibal Matthews was taking pics (I wish they'd g'head and post 'em I wanna see!), the liquor was cheap and the music was effing great. It was the first time I took Sheed out anywhere that had that type vibe and he said he enjoyed himself, I was happy. I bet he ain't think that there was anything like that out here, being so caught up in the "grown and sexy", which as I said before, is fine sometimes, but I mean, shit... There are other fly parties. Oh! And I finally met Maurice Garland, the writer. I'm a geek: I was like, "Hi! I'm your myspace friend!" Gimme a break, I was on my second LI Iced Tea! LOL. He was cool.

This is the next party I wanna hit. Hollyweerd is dope!

Guess who the eff I saw the other day, finer than he appears to be in pictures? Mother effin' Don Cannon! I was at work of course, at the front desk bullshitting with Rustin and he comes down from a room and requests a key or something. I'm looking like, "Is that Cannon? He's big as hell!" So I let him do what he was doing and before he left I'm like, "Don Cannon. You're crazy tall..." He just started laughing and shook my hand. I mean, really? He's like, 6'7" with perfect skin and nice eyes, he does have a lil' pot pot though. LOL.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Fly Like a Pigeon"?

Briscoe gave me that title from Wayne's "La La." LOL. I don't know. I'm feeling myself a little bit today. Sometimes you just have to. We all know we got flaws and shit but it's good to appreciate what makes you different. Twenty fucking five and I'm still getting to know myself, discovering what I will and won't take, who I am...

Anyways, I'm doing the "fashion+" blog thing, and everybody I talk to about it out here is actually kinda excited. I'm hyped too. It's fun to look at sneakers! And do something constructive with it. I'ma cover the Broke and Boujee party on Thursday. Can't wait to see what all the fuss is about...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Get What I Want...

LOL. Okay, so maybe that was a bit extra. I'm not really that bratty. But I did want to put that out there before I put these out there:

On the first of my bi-weekly runs to Wish, last Sunday, I finally got my babies! Nike released these about a month ago to Nike Sportswear dealers only, then we got 'em down here about one and a half weeks ago at Wish (of course). Ever since the first time I saw 'em with the clear sole and the purple laces- I had to have 'em! Happiness in a woman's size 8!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Fork in My Road...

So I love rap right? More than any other genre of music. I've been wanting to be a "hip hop journalist" since I was like 13. But I'd been in love with rap since way before '96. Just coming up where I did, there was no avoiding the entire culture. Anyways, as of late, Jarvis has been pushing me to get into writing about fashion. Which is fine, because clothes excite me too. But I couldn't see myself writing on some Vogue shit, which is cool also, it's just not me. I could however, do some streetwear writing, I mean if you think about it, Atlanta doesn't have ANY streetwear bloggers. And I look at least one of those type blogs everyday from either coast. With all the boutiques popping up down here everyday- Atlanta is a transplant city... Sheeit, why not? I look at new Nikeys and M.O.B. shirts for fun.

I like being me, just me, and I like to try being exclusive to a certain extent. Maybe I'm scared of doing the blog shit, because I'd be sacrificing a part of me by letting everyone else in. But how many people actually read this- or would read that? This blog thing may be an excuse for me to go to stores and look at kicks just because. So you guys may be seeing something else from me soon. Other than my personal.

Look, so I finally listened to Lil' Wayne's new one this past weekend, just because I wanted hear it after all the hype and it just so happens that I may be a bit of a convert. I never respected his rhymes as a youngun'. But remember when I was a teenager, he was a year older than me, with the Hot Boyz, and he was wack to me. Do remember, my standard is and for the longest time has been Jay... Wayne definitely has some bangers on #3 though. Especially that Babyface joint, OMG, the beat is completely retarded. But I was already a fan of Kanye right? So as far as his lyricism, "Let the Beat Build" is aiight: "I'm peepin' all y'all people different/ I pay my dues/ You keep the difference/ I can see the end at the beginning/ So I'm not racin' I'm just sprintin'". He has a couple other tracks on there, "La La", production is stupid. I love David Banner behind the boards. Anyways...

Back to work on Thursday, back to the bullshit... Dreams of this other shit....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before I Got To Breaking Dishes...

Ish has been so much better as of late. Allen Iverson had been staying at the Twelve out here all of the past two weeks. So of course for us lowly servers at the Twelve's restaurant that means big bread, but with that cheese comes dealing with the groupies that take up space drinking water, in their body stockings, fishbowling the superstar that you're serving. And I thankfully, haven't been there for most of it because those jerks have finally pushed me into demanding that they cut my mother 'effin hours down! Yeah!!

I am able to say though, that Mr. Iverson, ladies, is still fine as fuck in person! LOL. He and his entourage are also very polite, as funny as it may seem. I was at work during one particular weekend when I served some seemingly spoiled young white men (you know, frat boys) some drinks and a couple appetizers; they came in drunk but they were staying upstairs in the hotel, so whatever, I'm getting to the money right? Anyways, these barely 21 year olds get up from the far end of the restaurant and run towards the front in the cocktail area where Mr. A.I. had been sitting for most of his 14 day visit (almost as if he wanted someone to notice him- imagine that?), and shriek, "A.I., YO!! WHAT UP MAN!" and the one white boy proceeded to pull dude up from his game of spades and his bottles of Ace, hoping to dap fuckin' Allen Iverson up, LOL. This was when the entourage jumped and yoked his little ass up, carrying him out by the elbows, with his friends following him out the front door of this four star hotel, his voice cracking like an adolescent's, "Gooo.. Nuggets!!!"

So happy I'm down to P/T... More stuff went down with Mr. Iverson during his stay: from one chick demanding pictures with him (her toddler in tow), and then when rejected, carrying on with a drawn out screaming match and another singing "hymns" in a broke down soprano tone. LOL, sometimes work is interesting...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Something Else...

So today I went to one of my favorite spots to shop and picked these up (above). I really didn't need any more new sneakers, and besides that, I set a budget for myself before I even went in the place. Last time I went, I copped Jarvis the LRG G-Shock and another pair of Blank denims for myself, dropped more than 3 bills. That was a week ago for his birthday. So imagine my surprise at the yearning I felt for the above kicks when I saw 'em on the display shelf. AND when I asked my favorite sales associate how many they really had in women's sizes. He told me: Numero Uno- That they only had like, five pairs left. 2. They only had one in my size. 3. They sold out of the men's sizes in a single day, as soon as they dropped. If there's anything a chick like me needs to hear in order to buy, it's: "EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE!"

I like these on Wayne, not so much on Lindsay... I wish I was the first in the world with 'em, but at least I'll be the first in my hood. Go Supra Tuf Skytops!
More later...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, you get it right? Time flies... On one hand I could say that a lot has happened since my last post but then again, not much has really happened. At least, nothing to really jump around about. I still haven't really gotten the chance to go out. Or if the opportunity did present itself, I didn't have the energy to put on clothes. Not even for a "grown and sexy"party, if you can imagine that [sticking out tongue]. Last night, I was home, I'd worked the morning shift, you'd think that I would have caught a cookout or a firework or some-'effin thing, but I was in the sack- conked the eff out! I'm like, senile at 25!

Anyways, I went back home on my hustle shit. The first time I went, back in the last week off May, it was freezing! COLD, like people were walking around in North Face bubbles. Then, after I came back to the A, sold all that shit, and went back the second week of June, you ain't even have to bust a brisk walk to be drenched in sweat. The world is coming to an end...

So although I did okay selling this stuff the first time, it's harder this time. Everybody's broke, or pretending to be. Who knows. I've got another month before it's time for school again and I really would like to pay the tuition and be done with it, but I think I'ma just sell the stash I've got now and save my money from work, which can be crazy hard with kicks like these down below (teasing me at one of my favorite stores in Little 5).

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'll Be There in a Minute.

So the other day, Sway and a few others from MTV checked into the hotel, I would've said something but I wanted to get my words right first. Didn't wanna just up and pounce on him, looking like a straight groupie. So I waited. The next day he and his coworkers went to T.I.'s listening party and then came downstairs for dinner. At one point, Sway walked over to the section of the restaurant where I was, checking his phone. I walked over and bit my lip.

I introduced myself once he looked up, and he was like, "Yeah?" kind of indifferent (which I was grateful for. At least he wasn't staring at my tits, which I didn't see coming from him anyway, but you know- I don't know that man). Told him I thought his Black in America piece was smart and MTV was lucky to have him, then I told him that I'm a writer in a rut, and asked did he have any advice. He flippin' introduces me to the head editor of hip hop on, I heard his name and was like, "Oh shit." Shaheem Reid. I follow dude's work. So he introduces us. I get contact info, and I drop the word that I'm headed to NY in two days, could we meet up...
Next thing I know, before I could blink twice, I'm at 45th and Broadway in Mr. Reid's office, talking about everything...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bladder Issues? No Prob...

The ish I tell you guys about that goes down at my job is real. I talk about work fairly often on here because when I'm not posting, I'm working- or recuperating from all that working. Recuperating from what exactly, you may ask...

Well, ish like this: This past week, the hotel has had a lot of celebrities come through, more so than usual, some of the Bulls players, some Jets players, a few actors for the Tyler film that's in the works. So with the celebs, come the groupies. A couple days ago, there were three girls that sauntered into the hotel and stopped at the bar of course (you wanna be seen don't you?). They surveyed the spot and sat down close enough to some football players, then ordered one round of drinks. Just as soon as the drinks were served, and a couple sips were taken, one girl ups and pisses on herself. Right there. At a full bar. In front of everyone. Including the cats she was sexing herself up for. She ran into the bathroom and the cocktail server tried to clean it up with a towel thinking it was water. Nope. Once he found out what it was he ran around in circles carrying on, "It's pee! It's pee! I can't believe I touched it." She was in the bathroom, fifteen steps from the bar by the way, for thirty minutes, trying to dry her pants I guess. I heard that when she walked out they were just as wet as when she walked in. The football players clowned her from start to finish, to half an hour after she left. Comedy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So it wasn't long for the new gig. I'm over that shit. I didn't really have time to do much else than work. The manager is nuts. He didn't want to respect the fact that I had a first job- and it was within the same company! Whatever. We'll see if this hustle jumps off. Right now though I feel like, I'd rather chill, and work for myself as a second income. I'd be going back home on a regular basis copping stuff, so that's cool. We'll see. I leave on Monday. Jumping off that cliff...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Up and Up...

Haven't blogged in a while. But I'd like to share that things are chill right now- outside of me throughly disliking my second job. My guap situation is about to change, my man and I have more time with each other, my baby's cute in kinky twists... Even though the African lady at the Glenwood Flea Market completely RIPPED ME OFF. How in the hell do you charge a bill to do a 3 year old's hair- even after she cut all of her hair off on one side of her head?!? There should be a discount like, "Well, I'm only doing 3/4ths of her hair, so..." I was so effin' hot that day.

Anyways, I'm about to go home in a couple weeks, get some hot ish, then come back to the A, so if anyone out there wants to reap the benefits of my hustle, scream at me.

My second job is cool but I don't know if I like working with the people. Maybe I'm just not used to them yet, but ugh... Everyone has idiosyncrasies but it seems like more exist in this place then anywhere else. I'm hostessing at the spot right? And these people serve more than 600 people for Sunday Brunch. It's like everyone around me gets aggy when it gets busy, like they can't handle the stress, and I can't work like that. I feel like: Be polite all the time, not just while it's slow. Assholes. There's an understated snobbiness, but their spot ain't nicer than the restaurant where I hold my first job. Speaking of the primary gig...

Guess who the hell I saw at work the other day: Mother Effin' T-I! Sitting out in the cocktail area with a group of friends- with a pastel flippin' button down on. He was passing through the hotel and looked over, saw his people then he went and sat down with them. I could've lost it but I maintained my cool. I'd been liking T.I. since Trap Muzik, and I think after a conversation me and Jarvis had the other day I clearly understand why. Although his flow and his lyrics are obviously impressive, that cat has a swagger like Jay. Like, "I ain't trying, this is what I do. I do this." Just so mother 'effin cool.