Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Four Hours or Four Years. You Choose."

I love Sir Luscious! (smile) He called up to Ryan Cameron today to talk about his voting experience today, and dropped that opening quote on them peoples. He said that he went out at 5:15 this morning with his wife and they were numbers 6 and 7. Swizz Beatz called and said he flew down from NY to put his in. Of course, Puff called V-103 this morning, to urge everyone to go out.

  • Elle, from Ryan's show, said that she prayed last night, and couldn't sleep, she was so excited.

  • I got so many damn texts today: pseudo-inspirational, funny as shit, super serious. My inbox is damn near full.

  • The lines were way shorter today in GA than last week when I voted. I waited 3.5 hours on Friday. People were in and out today. Sooo many first time voters, and you know why they're just now voting, but it's all good man, it's a beautiful thing to see people take something seriously enough these days to speak out in numbers. Like massive numbers. Enough to make a difference.

  • Twenty minutes from where my parents live in West Bubble, between the woods and the Confed flags, they were with the bullshit today. The few Democrats that live out there, went to vote and found that the Democratic ticket wasn't even on the ballot.

  • There are so many "Victory Parties" here in Atlanta tonight. Watching the reports. In halter dresses. Sipping snifters of Hen (smile).

  • I mean, voting already feels good, but this year, it was like, unspeakable. Now black kids can come up with that in their mindset- for real. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, and I think it's just because I'd never seen it, and there's still so much hate.

  • If Obama doesn't win, I may cry a little. Not just for selfish reasons, or future tax returns, but because he would've gotten so close... They still keeping our history from us in school save for one month a year. This shit is historical. And no one can keep it from us.