Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Hey Sexy..."

When I woke up today, I kissed my kid and had breakfast with her. Then I boiled some water for tea and sat at the computer, ready to make rounds before dipping to work. Sent a couple e-mails, read the standard blogs, and sent a couple updates to Twitter (Maurice, where you at? Thought you were on there too.). Went to Myspace to check for messages- I had one from Some Guy: "Hey sexy? How u doin'?" Hit delete. I went to work at 3 p.m., just got home at 3 a.m., and made my rounds online again. I checked Myspace last: I had two messages, five friend requests, all undesirable, one of the dudes actually looked like he decided, "I'ma upload this profile pic that makes me look like a serial rapist. That's a good idea." One of the guys was like, "Add me. It won't let me add you!!!!" Just like that- with all the exclamation points.

It's like the minute Jarvis and I broke up and I changed my status, I get these weirdos sending messages. Wow. Do people even meet up through Myspace anymore?