Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bigger Fish to Fry...

Didn't know this had a video...Perfect.

So now what? That's what I've basically been asking myself for the better part of a month. Life keeps going, although you may feel like shit is faltering all around you. You're not ready to accept certain things until you're not left with any other option. The BIG thing though is persevering right? It's not like it's just me. I have to get right for Keiko.

Is that shit supposed to be this hard though? Confusion, frustration, just a general sense of loss? Is this normal? Could there be a way to just forget that you ever felt this strongly for someone- ever? Work was so hard today. I'm mad I'm even admitting all this. I didn't want to sit at home, but by the time I got to work, I didn't want to be there either, outside of the money of course (smile). I'm prepared to put the big plan into action though, I'm sure that it'll be enough to take my mind offa this dude. He's dating, but I'm not ready for that shit. I know I'm not. This time I took from him was supposed to be for myself, but I feel like the longer I stay to myself, the more I'll only think of him. And he's not soley thinking of me- right? I don't know. Everything is just too much.