Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Eve.

This past Wednesday, Christmas Eve, Keiko and I spent the night at her Daddy/the ex(?)/boyfriend's house (that was our house two months ago). It was a good couple of days. We talked over Hen, Chinese food, and Pop Secret. Keiko acted a damn fool. LOL. We ate, then drank, got drunk, he and his sister got hilarious, then solemn. He ended up understanding my reasoning behind "the break", by Christmas Day. Funny, for as long as we've known each other (seven years), stuff keeps coming... It just seems like we would've knocked all of that out by now. But I'm learning that that's not how it works...

Keiko got sooo much crap that she'll probably play with for a couple weeks and retire. Then revisit.
I got a dope ass Hellz Bellz jacket. And my boyfriend back.


KJtheGreat said...

ayo! congrats on all fronts...and real talk, that HB Varsity jacket is one of the only things i've been feeling on their Fall/Winter collection. great gift!

Nadine G. said...

LOL. Thanks. I love it too. I saw that 10 Deep "New World Order" varsity in a small today at a boutique, and was like a spoiled brat- "I want THAT ONE TOO!"

Anonymous said...

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