Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Checkin' In...

Man, I have tons to share this go-round... First off, I went to the Broke and Boujee joint last week with Sheed and Ronnie. So much fun man. I did feel just a bit overdressed for the pink mohawk and suspender crowd, but that's the beauty of that type of spot, nobody really gives a shit about what you have on- everybody's just doing them. Hannibal Matthews was taking pics (I wish they'd g'head and post 'em I wanna see!), the liquor was cheap and the music was effing great. It was the first time I took Sheed out anywhere that had that type vibe and he said he enjoyed himself, I was happy. I bet he ain't think that there was anything like that out here, being so caught up in the "grown and sexy", which as I said before, is fine sometimes, but I mean, shit... There are other fly parties. Oh! And I finally met Maurice Garland, the writer. I'm a geek: I was like, "Hi! I'm your myspace friend!" Gimme a break, I was on my second LI Iced Tea! LOL. He was cool.

This is the next party I wanna hit. Hollyweerd is dope!

Guess who the eff I saw the other day, finer than he appears to be in pictures? Mother effin' Don Cannon! I was at work of course, at the front desk bullshitting with Rustin and he comes down from a room and requests a key or something. I'm looking like, "Is that Cannon? He's big as hell!" So I let him do what he was doing and before he left I'm like, "Don Cannon. You're crazy tall..." He just started laughing and shook my hand. I mean, really? He's like, 6'7" with perfect skin and nice eyes, he does have a lil' pot pot though. LOL.