Sunday, November 2, 2008

The First Day...

Other than my personal life feeling like it's in shambles, real life continues in real time, so your girl is pushing on...

The job situation is looking positive, which is really all I could ask for. Of all the years I've been serving tables, I've never actually seen in the employee manual, a clause about blogging. LOL. The HR person that was moderating the orientation Friday was adamant about going into detail. First of all, I was at a long table with most of the front of the house staff, who really had an attitude like, someone was forcing them to be there. There were a few young white "frat guys", a couple Barbie dolls, none seemed like they'd last too long. Everyone was just completely unresponsive. Like, the woman would make little jokes and shit, corny or whatever, but no one even cracked half a smile. Fine. So we get to the blog section right? Here's the conversation:

"Okay, blogging. Does anyone here know what a blog is?"

[the jerks mumble, I nod 'yes' and smile]

She defines "webblog", and continues in saying that it's fine to keep one as long as the restaurant is not mentioned in a negative light. She warns that if it is, they will trace it back to whoever's blog it is. At this point, I'm trying to figure out how I'll be talking about work on here without drawing attention to the place itself. LOL. The jerks murmur and damn near shrug their shoulders.

"I'm sure none of you spend hours blogging anyways."

Like she was trying to get her cool points back with these people she just met. Whatever. I know the stigma being a "blogger", and I don't feel like a nerd, but maybe I'm in denial (smile). So anyways, I figured, I'd do it like I've been doing it. I never speak badly about the place itself- just the patrons who get ig'nant. Or if I see some super fly shit that needs to be mentioned. BTW, ChicaGorilla if you're reading this... I'ma be like, across the street from you then, and I believe I'ma need those Jeremy Scott Wing Adidases in a mens' 6.5! (smile)