Monday, August 24, 2009

"Even if I Gotta Do it on My Own..."

My theme song of the week. Currently feeling like, I'm going in. The people around me don't agree, but I'm not into the bullshit drama and I'm not apologizing for my behaviour. Nipsey and Drake feel me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Should be Embarrassed...

My Twitter friend, broken cool (who has a dope site BTW, y'all should check it out) does this series of posts: Silly Shit in His I-Pod or something like that. LOL. And I just thought of one in mine...

That "Ice Cream Paint Job"?!? Bangin'! LOL. And the lil' dude is talking about absolutely nothing. I had to stop posting and look his name up just now, Dorrough- from Texas of course. That just tells you how random my promotion of this track really is.

Just a Few Words...

Okay, so I'm sitting here, going back and forth about whether or not I should post anything. There's not really much on my mind that you guys would care about anyway, besides my ongoing grind season or as Joc would say: my "grind flu". *snicker*

But in my last post, I did say that I would be better about this. And R.E. chastised me in the Comments section, so I feel like I pretty much HAVE to. LOL.

My baby's gone for the weekend, spending the night at Grandma's, and I don't have a damn thing planned besides chores. Someone needs to hit their homie with some free tickets to something... LOL. But at least, I can listen to some new music and maybe write a bit.

This writing thing is actually taking off, I think. Finally! Damn. *grin*
I mean, maybe I'm just going harder than before, but I swear, by next summer, I'm gonna have it working for me. Lord willin'.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm A Jerk... I Know...

Damn. I ain't mean to leave y'all hanging... :o) Trust me. It's all love. It's just that since that last post, I've been busy as hell, writing like crazy, rebuilding this portfolio, hearing tons of new music and trying to network. Not to mention, I got a new 9 to 5 and they are pretty liberal with the website blocks. :o(

This summer's been a hectic and tragic one pretty much all the way through huh? I'ma do my personal rundown:

1. Michael Jackson's Passing: Very sad, feels like your cousin died. Because despite all the strangeness that followed MJ, he really WAS the greatest entertainer, IMO (and a lot of other people's), who lived. And I feel like, it's a shame that my kid will never know the power of that "MoonWalker" flick (we watched that VHS RELIGIOUSLY in grade school). :o)

2. VIBE Folded: I was SICK. I'd wanted to write for VIBE since I was a young teenager- never got the opportunity. I got really close though. LOL. I'd been reading it even before then, starting with the Treach issue, cover to cover. In its later years, it wasn't what it had been, but it was STILL the best "urban" magazine at news stands. :o(

3. Steve McNair's Murder by Mistress: SMDH. I feel for that man's kids. From what I understand, he was a good hearted dude, he was charitable and kind, and good as hell at football. It's bad because now, in death, his image is tarnished (in a sense).
He handled the situation badly, and his kids without a Daddy because: a. He couldn't keep his dick in his pants and stay home, and b. He wasn't been smarter about it, and more discreet. He was tricking on this young girl HEAVY, and she was in love, she had already told the fam that they were getting married, and I think I heard that he'd MET the family. Why do that if y'all are just f*cking? Now she's pissed because you're not leaving your wife and kids, and you fall ASLEEP over there? Just a REALLY sad situation.

4. Kelis and Nas's Divorce: LOL. He tried to be cute and say he wasn't paying for shit, she got him for CRAZY moola. I thought they would be together forever, quite honestly *shrugs* Call me a romantic... It sucks, because they've had a baby born into the drama.
*Note: I'm not condoning gold digging by any means, but if your estranged wife is very much preggo, and you're no where to be found AND you're acting like it's too much to act like you give a f*ck, then yeah... She has the right to tax your ass.

There's more but I don't wanna talk y'all to death so I'm leaving it here...
But if I'm ever gone for a minute and you happen to find yourself missing me ;o)...
I'm on Twitter of course, and R.E.'s is another good spot to go visit, he's funny and he's always on that new ish.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who I Saw Last Night...

Photo courtesy of Maurice Garland.

So your girl finally went to the Drake concert. Good deal right? Umm... It was okay. General admission and the show started at ten, so by the time I got to the city from Lithonia, it was just after 9 p.m.. The line wrapped around the building, with what seemed to be all of the AU Center, current students and alumni. A lot of young girls. I'd go as far to say, more than half the audience were females. In dresses and heels. Not your typical rap show. Just before stepping inside, I noticed that my damn camera didn't have batteries. Aargh!

The opener Danny! got booed relentlessly then got sensitive about it. Took it personal and let the young kids see him sweat. SMH. Jaspects were up next and they did very well. I dig them, definitely. The crowd, males(!) and females, surged and chanted, "WE WANT DRAKE!" for a while. He came out, girls shrieked. I felt old as fuck. And hot. LOL.

From what I understand Usher was brought out onstage, for like, 5 seconds (went to the bar and missed him, LOL). Eric Sermon, of EPMD and Def Squad, was there. Teyana Taylor came out on stage at the show's end. Trey Songz was there, of course (his cute self). Would've gone to the afterparty but... *shrugs*.

Video courtesy of Smoking Section.

Drake - "Successful" (Featuring Trey Songz) from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

Nice To Look At...

Malice Video Blog 1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

I told y'all about the boy Malice a little while ago. Love his lyricism. And his nasally voice. Cocoa skin... Bright eyes... LOL. You guys get the idea. Seemed even sexier after I saw this video. SMDH.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Nice to Look At...

Damn. Am I the only one who noticed that this dude was fine from the get-go in the New York series on VH1?!? LOL. And I don't even mess with Uptown cats like that... He has a nice kick collection also...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch Up...

LOL. I'm fucking up huh? I know, I know... I'll try to do better. I just did a catch-up post but so much has happened in the last month, personally. I've been writing a lot more, when editors around the city told me I wasn't decent, and "where the fuck did [I] go to school?" I'm good now. LOL. I knew I wasn't crazy! Contributing to Thank God I'm Famous, under Sickamore. Looking to get my hands into something else in addition. I'm hella excited though, sheesh, finally, at age 26.

Keiko got into Pre-Kindergarten for the FREE FREE! (grin) I'm excited for her. Her daddy is sad about it. He feels like she has the rest of her life for all that. She's too smart to be kicking it with the babies at daycare though. She's ecstatic- can't wait for August. In GA, they have a lottery for every zone school, so out of like, 60 4-year-olds they only pick 20 names out of a decorated box! I coulda fell the fuck out, right there, in the school library when they called her name. It's not that we couldn't have put her in a private Pre-K but I think it was the build up and the amazing fact that my little baby is actually going to school... WTH?

As a sidenote, your girl is off to the Drake concert out here in two weeks! And as a sidenote to the sidenote, LOL, here's an editorial I wrote relating to that Young Man. Hit the link.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catch Up.

So I just checked my blog today to see how long it's been since I last posted. Wow. Two weeks huh? Okay. But look, I've got great excuses: Time with the boyfriend. Time with Keiko. Making connections on Twitter. Figuring out a game plan as far as writing, getting back in school, and copping another FT. (No more serving as a gig, if I can help it.) Umm, oh yeah, and planning a wedding. LOL. Yes. Your homie is engaged. I'm excited. It was like, I had to take some time a few months ago, to make sure that things were right and I wouldn't be effing up my life or anyone else's. Once I found that he was willing to be That Guy Through Anything, I was good. And now we're good. So he proposed. And we're engaged. Holla.

Monday, February 23, 2009

On Repeat This Evening: Shit Popped Off- Dr.Dre ft. T.I.

Well, this track has been floating around on the Internets for about three days now. ZShare's been acting like a bitch on the laptop, so I ended up having to cop it elsewhere tonight after checking NahRight. It's one of two songs Tip's on with Dre on the boards. The other one is called "Topless" w/ Nas (!) and he actually rides that beat REALLY well, for it to be SOOO West Coast. Anyways, I'm gone. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catch Up!

So in the time that I've been gone, I've become addicted to danyelliott's podcasts every week. The brainchild of married couple Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, (professionals in this Journalism thing of ours) it's an hour-long podcast where they talk about whatever they feel like talking about with a bit of Twitter talk mixed in. I love how they go back and forth and Dani calls Elliott out on his cursing, it's cute and entertaining.

Keiko got her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, Dora cake and all. And all of her guests showed up late as hell on that CP time. She had fun nonetheless, so we were happy.
I turned 26 a week and a half later and had an awesome time in the city. One of my best friends out here, Rasheed, organized the evening. We started off in Midtown at a lounge, moved it to the "boys club" (Yay!), then capped it off at Landmark Diner by GA State. I was the only one that recognized DJ Jelly! Been down here long enough right?

Oh and before I forget, Jarvis has been a bit more willing to get into what I like, so I finally pulled him into coming out to Broke and Boujee with me last week. BnB is a monthly party out here that some people would categorize as a "hipster" gathering, LOL. I don't necessarily know how much truth there is in that, because I think the definition itself is a box.
It's like, I've had issues with defining myself, until fairly recently when I accepted what I've always known: I'm everywhere and nowhere, so to speak. I'm not all the way hipster, but I'm not all the way "normal". I rock Tims, but not Rocawear (at least not all day), I'd rather Married to the Mob. I like heels but I'd prefer Supras and Nikeys. Am I weird? Yes. And that's straight. 'Cause the nigg@ coming around. He said he had a great time (although he felt like the only "normal cat" in there. LOL.). Shout to Fadia, she's a damn mastermind. And Hannibal's a beast behind the cam. Made us look like we were in the comics.

My Newest Obsession: Drake "So Far Gone"

So I see the Internets will force me into obtaining extra storage, between Charles Hamilton's ever-growing encyclopedia of mixtapes (Every. Fucking. Week.) and everyone else's loose tracks here and there... Sheesh. LOL. I'm happy about the influx of dope ish though, at the very top of '09. Including Drake's newest mixtape "So Far Gone" . I got my link from Randy's. The YouTube clip is of one my favorites on there: "Successful". That hook is me. Holla.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I'm Currently Obsessed With (Pt. II): Charles Hamilton- Windows Media Player

The beat on this is smart. The first time I actually paid attention to this cat was a couple months ago when he actually came down to the A, for studio sessions. He got on Greg Street's show and went on and on about blogging and Myspace being his primary marketing outlet. I guess he wasn't playing (smile).

What I'm Currently Obsessed With: Charles Hamilton - Theories Of Wine

So I downloaded a Charles mixtape a couple weeks ago from The Smoking Section, and once I gave it a full listen, I decided that this was one of my favorite songs. I dunno. I can't really get with the Sonic tip he's on (loved the game as a kid, don't know about rocking the screen tees), but no one can deny that this kid spits. LOL.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Gap Between Us and Our Baby.

In 2004, when I was 21, I took one of those digital pregnancy tests & discovered that for the 1st time ever there was a baby growing inside of me. J. and I weren't necessarily official then, but we were best friends who figured we could make it work. Our little girl is 4 yrs old in 6 days & I'm almost freaking the fuck out. LOL.

Music stimulated her in the womb, but even then she was crazy particular. She loved John Legend (still does); I'd put it on in the car & she'd dance around in there. This was before he officially dropped, I had the audio of him performing at the Knitting Factory that year from a PR friend. She has perfect pitch when she sings Jazmin Sullivan, or anyone else for that matter. Keiko can hear a song two times and remember the words, she can listen to half a song and catch the melody. She gets down to Colin Munroe and Black Milk with her mommy.

We figured being young parents, we'd be able to relate to her better than my parents related to me. But I've recently begun to realize that eventually the gap will widen, especially as she gets deeper into discovering her own personality. Who she is... I'll always be aware of what the youth is "into" because that's how I hope to make my living, but I'm not always gonna feel her on what she's into. Gush about Biggie, Pac or even some living rappers to kids today and you're an "old fogie". Damn, I'm like, 25. But that's the cycle right? At a certain point we're all "old fogies" but 1994 doesn't seem like that long ago (pout)!

In 10 years, when & if Soulja Boy becomes the tycoon (i.e. 50 Cent, Puffy) that these folk are touting him as, my baby will be a high school freshman that views Jay as retro. In the car the other day, she told me to "turn the radio loud" when "Kiss Me Through the Phone" came on. And commenced to singing through the refrains & humming through the raps, doing a little diddy-bop with her head & shoulders.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Newest Obsession: Joe Budden TV

Joey Budden is one of the funniest rappers since Redman. LOL. I effin' swear. I liked him since the Clue tapes he debuted on in the late 90s, but forgot about him just as quickly with "Pump It Up" (which the boyfriend reminded me of two days ago). Was back in love with him after "Who" this past summer. Lately I've been on him and Joe Budden TV tough. And although I can't relate to dudes watching his videos for his sidekick/ girl Tahira's ass, I find modest pleasure in the delight they share with each other, even in talking about absolutely nothing (smile).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Damn- Things Done Changed..."

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.

What in the hell man? I left Brooklyn ten years ago (at the end of January); everytime I go back it's a little different but I can still make my way around. It's still home. I say all that to say this: I don't remember too many of these mofos coming through my block. LOL. Another crazy vid from It's The Real. Saw this over at Brown Derby earlier. Title of this post, compliments of Biggie (wink).

My Newest Obsession: Colin Munroe Feat. Joell Ortiz "Piano Lessons" Vid.

Shout to KJ the Great for reminding me to download Colin's mixtape last month. Thanks homie. And shout to Randy Exclusive for putting it out there. The whole mix is crazy, on some different ish. Eclectic, 1980s, alt-rock, poppy, with ballsy features from up and coming hip hop artists mixed in (I love you Mickey Factz! AND your Supras! LOL.). "Cannonball" remains one of my favorites. Peep it.