Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast with Tom.

On Saturday night I went to the city to visit my friends tending bar. After 'bout the 5th drink I ended up chair dancing to "Single Ladies" at Strip. LOL. Anyways, my homie Tommy was up there closing out and we decided to get some French Toast at Landmark on GSU's campus. Once we get in, we start talking about our respective relationship issues and conversation gets pretty deep when Tom breaks his neck to check a female walking past our table.

So me being the woman that I am, remind Tommy that I'm not one of his homeBOYS, and I can't empathize with his affinity for fat asses. He shrugs my statement off and proceeds to tell me that "sometimes you just gotta look, ain't nothing wrong with looking". Then, "Ugh, I'm disapponted. Her face ain't really end up being what I figured it would be. Oh well, can't get 'em all." He called it a "heat check" and laughed. I was puzzled until he explained the definition, then I laughed.

Here it is: Heat Check (heet chek) noun. An occasion on which a basketball player takes a questionable (i.e., bad) shot in order to determine how "hot" he is, usually after hitting several shots in a row. Provided by Basketbawlful.