Monday, February 23, 2009

On Repeat This Evening: Shit Popped Off- Dr.Dre ft. T.I.

Well, this track has been floating around on the Internets for about three days now. ZShare's been acting like a bitch on the laptop, so I ended up having to cop it elsewhere tonight after checking NahRight. It's one of two songs Tip's on with Dre on the boards. The other one is called "Topless" w/ Nas (!) and he actually rides that beat REALLY well, for it to be SOOO West Coast. Anyways, I'm gone. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catch Up!

So in the time that I've been gone, I've become addicted to danyelliott's podcasts every week. The brainchild of married couple Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, (professionals in this Journalism thing of ours) it's an hour-long podcast where they talk about whatever they feel like talking about with a bit of Twitter talk mixed in. I love how they go back and forth and Dani calls Elliott out on his cursing, it's cute and entertaining.

Keiko got her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, Dora cake and all. And all of her guests showed up late as hell on that CP time. She had fun nonetheless, so we were happy.
I turned 26 a week and a half later and had an awesome time in the city. One of my best friends out here, Rasheed, organized the evening. We started off in Midtown at a lounge, moved it to the "boys club" (Yay!), then capped it off at Landmark Diner by GA State. I was the only one that recognized DJ Jelly! Been down here long enough right?

Oh and before I forget, Jarvis has been a bit more willing to get into what I like, so I finally pulled him into coming out to Broke and Boujee with me last week. BnB is a monthly party out here that some people would categorize as a "hipster" gathering, LOL. I don't necessarily know how much truth there is in that, because I think the definition itself is a box.
It's like, I've had issues with defining myself, until fairly recently when I accepted what I've always known: I'm everywhere and nowhere, so to speak. I'm not all the way hipster, but I'm not all the way "normal". I rock Tims, but not Rocawear (at least not all day), I'd rather Married to the Mob. I like heels but I'd prefer Supras and Nikeys. Am I weird? Yes. And that's straight. 'Cause the nigg@ coming around. He said he had a great time (although he felt like the only "normal cat" in there. LOL.). Shout to Fadia, she's a damn mastermind. And Hannibal's a beast behind the cam. Made us look like we were in the comics.

My Newest Obsession: Drake "So Far Gone"

So I see the Internets will force me into obtaining extra storage, between Charles Hamilton's ever-growing encyclopedia of mixtapes (Every. Fucking. Week.) and everyone else's loose tracks here and there... Sheesh. LOL. I'm happy about the influx of dope ish though, at the very top of '09. Including Drake's newest mixtape "So Far Gone" . I got my link from Randy's. The YouTube clip is of one my favorites on there: "Successful". That hook is me. Holla.