Monday, June 14, 2010

95 Degree Days, 8 Months Preggo and Zero Patience.

It's sweltering in Atlanta. It's been 95 plus degrees for days now. Ugh. And I think the last time I was on here, I was preggers, was it back in January. So you know now, I'm about ready to pop, 70 degrees is extra warm for me.

I'm a horrible excuse for a blogger, LOL, I know this. But mind you, I never called myself a blogger. I'm just a young lady, who loves to write, who happens to keep a blog- of sorts... LOL.

Static on the homefront. We won't discuss it. We'll just hope and work towards an amiable solution and keep it moving onwards and upwards right fam? Still, it has me ready to blast Ready To Die and break every piece of glass and ceramic in our lovely ranch home here on the Eastside.

So the baby's name: Tiffani. Hubby decided on it, I chose to end it with an 'i'. He says that Tiffan[y]/[i] is a good, strong, "normal" name. And because I threw the 'Ka' on the front of Kamaia's name, which he always disagreed with ("You just had to make it ghetto..."), I figured I owed him this lil' piece. LOL. So Tiffani Blake is coming in less than a month to join her big sis Kamaia Brodie.

Other than that, I've been steady mobbin'. Still doing some work for Ozone under my dude Randy, writing for Soul Train under the homie Quia. Picked up posting a bit for a vet, Branden Peters over at Kuhvet. My writing is coming along- finally. Now for the rest of life...