Thursday, July 10, 2008

Before I Got To Breaking Dishes...

Ish has been so much better as of late. Allen Iverson had been staying at the Twelve out here all of the past two weeks. So of course for us lowly servers at the Twelve's restaurant that means big bread, but with that cheese comes dealing with the groupies that take up space drinking water, in their body stockings, fishbowling the superstar that you're serving. And I thankfully, haven't been there for most of it because those jerks have finally pushed me into demanding that they cut my mother 'effin hours down! Yeah!!

I am able to say though, that Mr. Iverson, ladies, is still fine as fuck in person! LOL. He and his entourage are also very polite, as funny as it may seem. I was at work during one particular weekend when I served some seemingly spoiled young white men (you know, frat boys) some drinks and a couple appetizers; they came in drunk but they were staying upstairs in the hotel, so whatever, I'm getting to the money right? Anyways, these barely 21 year olds get up from the far end of the restaurant and run towards the front in the cocktail area where Mr. A.I. had been sitting for most of his 14 day visit (almost as if he wanted someone to notice him- imagine that?), and shriek, "A.I., YO!! WHAT UP MAN!" and the one white boy proceeded to pull dude up from his game of spades and his bottles of Ace, hoping to dap fuckin' Allen Iverson up, LOL. This was when the entourage jumped and yoked his little ass up, carrying him out by the elbows, with his friends following him out the front door of this four star hotel, his voice cracking like an adolescent's, "Gooo.. Nuggets!!!"

So happy I'm down to P/T... More stuff went down with Mr. Iverson during his stay: from one chick demanding pictures with him (her toddler in tow), and then when rejected, carrying on with a drawn out screaming match and another singing "hymns" in a broke down soprano tone. LOL, sometimes work is interesting...


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hope u dont mind the drive by

anywho hit me up one day rawdawgbuffalo