Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Up and Up...

Haven't blogged in a while. But I'd like to share that things are chill right now- outside of me throughly disliking my second job. My guap situation is about to change, my man and I have more time with each other, my baby's cute in kinky twists... Even though the African lady at the Glenwood Flea Market completely RIPPED ME OFF. How in the hell do you charge a bill to do a 3 year old's hair- even after she cut all of her hair off on one side of her head?!? There should be a discount like, "Well, I'm only doing 3/4ths of her hair, so..." I was so effin' hot that day.

Anyways, I'm about to go home in a couple weeks, get some hot ish, then come back to the A, so if anyone out there wants to reap the benefits of my hustle, scream at me.

My second job is cool but I don't know if I like working with the people. Maybe I'm just not used to them yet, but ugh... Everyone has idiosyncrasies but it seems like more exist in this place then anywhere else. I'm hostessing at the spot right? And these people serve more than 600 people for Sunday Brunch. It's like everyone around me gets aggy when it gets busy, like they can't handle the stress, and I can't work like that. I feel like: Be polite all the time, not just while it's slow. Assholes. There's an understated snobbiness, but their spot ain't nicer than the restaurant where I hold my first job. Speaking of the primary gig...

Guess who the hell I saw at work the other day: Mother Effin' T-I! Sitting out in the cocktail area with a group of friends- with a pastel flippin' button down on. He was passing through the hotel and looked over, saw his people then he went and sat down with them. I could've lost it but I maintained my cool. I'd been liking T.I. since Trap Muzik, and I think after a conversation me and Jarvis had the other day I clearly understand why. Although his flow and his lyrics are obviously impressive, that cat has a swagger like Jay. Like, "I ain't trying, this is what I do. I do this." Just so mother 'effin cool.