Friday, June 15, 2007

Stuff I'm Digging.

Maybe I should be doing something super constructive right now before I head to work, but I'm not- I'm on the web looking at some of the sites I love to look at.

I just discovered this dude the other day. Sometimes I miss New York because you hear about almost everything first. This cat puts me on. I downloaded that Kanye/Jeezy remix from here.

I'm also on my grown woman ish. I go here for my fix. Even if I can only afford to look-right now.

But don't get it twisted. I can still do it up dope boy fresh.

On another note, I just got the newest Billboard yesterday. I never looked at that side of the industry before. There's so much that goes into the making to the release of major label albums- it's mind boggling. So for a group of people to be tastemakers... to be able to read what's going to be the next hit... What the hell? I'd like to think that I can recognize a hit months beforehand but there's a whole strategy to the thing. Wow.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

On My Way.

Okay. So at the end of the Spring semester I said that I had a plan. I was gonna quit that stupid ass job at the airport and spend more time with the family and start writing locally again.

First, I quit the job, so I'm at a restaurant downtown slinging plates again. But it doesn't get to me like it did before the airport gig. The restaurant is like casual dining: our uniform is a black button down and blue jeans, but it's not like an Applebee's or anything. The menu prices reflect that.

I used to have the basic complaints that most (if not all) servers have: If you don't have money to tip with don't go out to eat. Go to McDonald's. It's the end of the night, and I don't want that last table. Etc.

It's like after working at Hartsfield, I was grateful to work anywhere where I didn't have to deal with attitude wielding managers with rolling eyes and necks. And the stress of cleaning a plane in under 12 minutes. Yeah, I said it. Cleaning planes. Scrubbing lavatories, tripping over bags of "airsickness" and scooping up the puddles. Oh and let me tell you 98% of flight attendants, male and female-are complete and total bitches. Don't fall for those flawless and easy smiles. The pilots? Please. They act as if you aren't even visible most of the time unless they need something from you. You could be trying to clean their first class and they'll stand around up there as if they aren't about to board the plane in two minutes. Then if you leave it less than perfect, they call the higher ups and say that you did a less than perfect job in first and you need to come back and finish. Then the plane is delayed and it's on you.

I went into a whole rant there but jeez, I needed you to feel me. Anyways, so I quit that shit. I'm serving again, and the restaurant owner is anal and can often be an ass about things, but he's nothing to me now. I can handle him. I'm also trying to write as I said before; I had two legit prospects at first, and one gave me the "g'head", the second I haven't heard from yet. But we're thinking positive things people.

Nadine G.