Thursday, January 28, 2010

Touching Base...

I don't really even have an excuse for my ridiculous absence this time. I mean, your girl's been going in, working and writing pretty frequently but I could've dropped by even if only for a sentence or two... :o/ So for those actions (or lack of) I offer my deepest apologies. *grin* Now that that's squared away...

Instead of the big wedding smack dab in the middle of the recession, we (J and I) decided to go to City Hall in NY and do it that way. It was all his idea.

He figured it would be the closest thing to special we can afford to do right now. "I know you never saw yourself getting married anywhere but home." That's what he said to me, before I melted. So sweet right? Well, due to the force of the universe (honestly, so much bad shit was happening), we missed our flight and we only had that day that we were flying up to pick up the marriage license in Brooklyn. We still managed to have a decent time, despite J getting aggy once or twice an hour, over the ruined nuptials. We still had an alright trip. We stayed in a hotel, like a block outta Times Square. We visited my family. He took tourist pics. LOL.

Keiko's doing great in Pre-K. She was Student of the Month in December. She turned in a lost dollar in her classroom and was recognized for her Random Act of Kindness by the principal on the school's TV channel. LOL. You know she was feeling herself. BTW, her principal doesn't speak very well to be a principal. And I always catch her giving me the side eye, WTF is that about? Maybe because I look so young. *shrugs*

Anyways, it's not an accent type thing or a speech impediment either- trust me. I know the difference between thick accents, stutters, and plain ol' terrible pronounciation and diction.

She called out the names of all the kids who won a spot in the Pre-K lottery last year and nearly fucked up every one of 'em. I mean, I know some of us can create some funky names for our kids but it was like, she wasn't even following the age old rule of "sounding it out". Everybody's name wasn't extra, there were a couple of 'Bob' type names in there. LOL.

I'm leaving with this. I'll be back in a jiff though...