Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep Your Eyes on Me...

"They say I'm a bad guy/ Why's that?/ 'Cause when my back's against the wall nigga/ I react..."

Been going through a bit of hard lately people. Lost my job on a technicality. The short version: Concentrics hires a company to catch you not carding underagers. I picked up a shift for someone. We were closed. I picked up the last table and didn't even think about carding them. That's that. They called their people, I was outta a job. But I'm at Strip now. Down the street. I fucking despise it. Won't be long before I get something else. What makes it so bad, I was next in line for the supervisor position. Interviewed and everything. I didn't want to serve when I was at Lobby, now I'm back to doing that shit five days a week. For muh fuckers who don't tip. LOL. Damn. Oh well.
Me and Jarvis have been having fun though. We went to One Midtown to use my card one last time before they got wind of my failing Liquor Liability and cut my funds off. He enjoyed himself (see pictures).
I went to a gay club for the first time since I last posted. It was craaazy! I never seen so many dudes scrubbing the ground. LOL. Like, super seriously, vibrating and popping and everything. They didn't play as much rap as I would've liked but as you'd probably figure it was a lot of dance music. Rihanna and shit. It was cool though. At least I didn't have to deal with overzealous dudes pulling on me, talking 'bout, "Ay girl!".
I can't wait to go to this party though. My second Broke and Boujee ever! This Thursday! If you're in town, you should pass through. I think I'ma bring Jarvis with me. Maybe he's ready to see me in this element after seven years. Last time I took my homies Rasheed and Ronnie, we all got super toasted of course. You know me... LOL.