Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pseudo-Nivea Ass.

So, tonight as I was riding up I-85 from Buckhead, my beloved Maxima overheated. I'd been working since 10 a.m. and ended up stranded on the highway at 3:30 a.m.. I'm pretty resourceful, and my dad's a mechanic so, I grabbed my flashlight and a jug of water from the trunk and did the radiator thing. Then my fucking battery died. I HAD to laugh and shake my head. I called for help & once help arrived & all was situated, I checked my cell out of habit & saw that my homie D. called & apparently left a text AND a voice message. This was odd, because we never speak after a certain time. Anyways, I read the text and it reads verbatim: "Don't fuckin call my man anymore Bitch!!!!!!!" Yes, with all the exclamation points and everything. LMAO.

Y'all already know the state of mind I'm currently in: just left my kid's dad because I felt like I was being resented. Once I left, I found that a lot of my reasons for leaving were because of my inner need to accomplish certain things. These were feelings that I'd actually projected onto him. I need to understand me and why I can be really hard on myself a lot of times. So far, in doing this, I've found that my relationship with my mom is a major factor. Working on that. I'm also thinking of going a different direction with the "9-5", as well as starting to take the initiative (yet again) to carry out my ideal goal of writing for a living. In general, I've been trying to be more positive minded and stick to my decision to leave the love of my life in hopes that I'll find myself (corny right?) and find him again. I know he's dealing with new chicks for the physical, but I don't have any desire to date right now. And I'm fine with that.

So imagine my surprise at the gall of this girl. I text: "Who's this?" but I'm thinking, "D. gotta be fucking with me. He just told me the whole situation with this girl the other day." Apparently ol' girl stayed the night a couple weeks ago and went through his phone when he was asleep. Texts were sent, voice messages were left, chaos ensued. LOL. So she answered: "D's girlfriend!!!" I was so shocked, but the words came so easy: "Oh. YOU the crazy one he told me about... LOL. You funny. And if D. wasn't my homie and that alone, I'd locate you and bust your head open for calling me out my name. Talk to your man, you fucking bird, while you're texting me @ 3 a.m." With all the real shit I'm going through, I almost cried laughing! I really coulda crushed her world too, and told her, her whole background as described by D. himself. If she only knew how that dude talks about her- AND the rest of 'em.