Monday, September 1, 2008

"I'm Never Drinking Again!"

Man... Jarvis and I had a date night last night right? It was the first time I actually hung out at work on my day off. I work with some people who do that crazy shit all the time. Can you imagine? LOL. Like, of all the places that you could frequent, why choose the spot you already spent 40 hours at this week? Anyways, so, he doesn't like to go to Atlantic Station, something about the posers that stay down there- he doesn't care for The Show. And I feel him, but I make my living down there, so my issues are deeper, my issues are with the inner workings of The Show (rolling eyes).

So we close the world out and spend quality time together at Lobby. I get a Henny double straight and Jarvis gets a LI Iced Tea. We munch on sauteed shrimp and pizza. I get my Henny topped off for the free-free. I forget in the process of our drinking that all I had to eat that day was a bowl of oatmeal, three chicken tenders, and two french fries. I'm so excited to be out with my boyfriend, I suggest that we leave Lobby and walk to Strip down the street and see if Tommy was working bar. We get over there, Tom is in the place. He was more than happy to get us more alcohol, and charge next to nothing! I start to get loopy, as we walk back to Lobby, to tie up some last minute details on the rest of my night.

See, the night before, Sheed got in contact with his friend Chris. He has hellified connects: Chris gets me on the V.I.P. list for the Northern Exposure party at Esso. Me plus two right? Jarvis doesn't do parties like that, where reggae could possibly be played... No prob. Me, Sheed, Joel, and Sheed's brother were definitely going. So I finish up with the details and head home to drop Jarvis off and get changed. He was going to the "ballet" with his homie Clark to see clear heels and body stockings, LOL, so I didn't feel like I was abandoning him. By the time I got home I was sooo toasted, I got sick and said "I'ma just close my eyes for a second, sober up for a second..."

Sheeit, I closed my eyes at minutes to midnight, didn't wake up until five a.m. when Jarvis walked in. I was fully dressed, fully made up, fucking heated! Everything fell into place so perfectly, the baby was at her grandparents, who happened to be off for the holiday the next day, we had the whole night to go out and kick it, I was on the flippin' list- had a table and a bottle- Labor Day weekend! Got too drunk, too quickly, fucked it all up, and slept in. Aaaagh!


OceanK. said...

If you're not a writer, shame on you. You're good.

Nadine G. said...

LOL. Thanks. Everything is in the works. Slowly but surely...