Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad News= Bad Dudes.

To piggyback off of Mr. Garland's post a few days ago, there are a few cats today that make watching the news less than painful/depressing. Here is my favorite couple- both from CNN. What does that tell you? CNN is like the Ford Modeling Agency of the talking heads world. Yum yum. And we in the A, get them all to ourselves!

The first- Ron Lemon. Very cute. I saw him today with his hair cut lower than it is here...

The second- T.J. Holmes. Fine as __. LOL. I heard he used to mess with Chili though. And every other halfway cute heffa out here, is itching to get their hooks in him.


Steve Livingstone said...


This is Steve Livingstone. I produce for Tappy Phillips and 7 On Your Side. We aired the original report on Pras Michel you referenced in your original post.

Right now, we are planning a second, follow up story regarding Pras.

I'd like to contact your cousin regarding the problem payments at the restaurant where she works.

I can be reached at (212) 456-0410. At this point I only wish to talk to her on background info. Much thanks,
Steve Livingstone
Producer, 7 On Your Side

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) take a look that emo boy one at this blog: