Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today Was a Good Day...

Started off at the optician running an errand that I'd been putting off for a minute. Initially I was excited about just doing that, such is the life of a family woman, the little shit is appreciated. Anything other than the everyday, going to work, paying bills, pulling your own anecdotes from jerks at the job- anything else is... Euphoria.

Okay, so done at the eye doctor, all is good and paid for. Off to school, thinking positive, like "maybe I can work out a payment plan or something with these people." No such luck but maintaining positive vibes, I decided to take my licks paying for school outta pocket again next semester. Keiko and I stopped off in Little Five for pizza, then I saw that this spot had been renovated and dropped by:

Got a Hellz Bellz shirt and a couple of the Drama/ Re-Up Gang mixtapes. Flyness! I also saw that they had my Everybody High Sodas in stock:

Couldn't cop 'em though. They didn't have my size anymore, because of course they're primarily made for dudes, so there are only a couple pairs of 6.5 or 7s in any retailer that sells 'em. Oh well. Saw a pair of Reebok Pumps in there though, ooh weeee... Hella dope. I used to be bad with sneakers and exclusives in general- like bad. But of course you get older and you get over that shit, my primary thing now is Keiko, so even if I look crazy as hell, she's chill. Got her these today without meaning to buy her anything:

Still, at this point, I kinda feel like regressing a bit. I've never really been that girl to wear a dress and heels on an everyday basis. I always needed to be at least up on the latest ish, especially "streetwear", even if I couldn't afford it. I mean, not specifically being shallow, but I think a part of it was being from Brooklyn and being raised in that kinda atmosphere. I'm 25 now, had Keiko when I was 22, I feel like, I'm not 50, but I damn sure feel like it sometimes. I used to jump and do whatever the hell I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. But I was starting to feel like by getting older, I was expected to lose my style, so I dropped a little bit and by the time I had her, I was expected to drop it completely. Anyways, I came up with this: Ima cop what I want and wear what I want until I don't feel like it anymore. Like I told Joey last week: "Nobody's gonna tell me I'm not 25 because I've got Dunks on, on my off day instead of blouses and shoe boots."