Thursday, April 17, 2008

Damned If I Know...

Yesterday at work I text messaged someone who I'm just getting to know. He's one of those type dudes that always knows where the party is, how to get in, who to ask for... So we're going back and forth and I'm telling him that because I work at the spot where you see a lot of the pretentious, "grown and sexy" tackheads (both male and female), I really have to be in the mood to go to Velvet and deal with that same attitude during my off hours. I'd really have to want to get dressed to the nines and get my mind right for that environment to have a great time.

"Grown and Sexy" parties aren't really my forte'; I feel like, I'm not getting grown for this party and taking the "grown" off tomorrow. That's my life now. It's not a face. A lot of my annoyance towards that term I think is that, I go to work and deal with these people that feel like that's them and it's not- they're faking. If you don't have the guap to go out with and be for real, who are you trying to fool? No one tips 10% anymore. 15% isn't a good tip. It's aiight. Verbal tips don't pay the bills, while you're stepping out in hard bottom shoes or flimsy stillettos. What if no dude finds you attractive enough to buy your drinks tonight? What if no one thinks you're a ten? You'll be thirsty all night, or trying to make that Sex on the Beach last a few hours.

So yes, if I'm going out, "Grown and Sexy" is not my first choice. I'm not in high school anymore. I don't need to be in any clique, I'm comfortable doing me. So the guy's like, "What do you like to do? Where would you want to go that you haven't been?" I was effin' stumped. I do find that I like bars and lounges, more than clubs- at age 25. But it seems like even if a bar is halfway decent when first discovered, there's that pesky "Grown and Sexy" blanket thrown on it and all this commotion. I took Jarvis to Peters St. a couple weekends ago and there was a long line that they were holding to get into M Bar. Even Slice had a retarded line. We just left, he felt uncomfortable and there was just this weird vibe of self-importance floating around. I think I just get really bored easily, so I wouldn't mind a place like Velvet, but I need to be on some total different ish next time I go out. Some "chill, come as you are, we don't give a shit" type spot, with fly ass music, and cool people who are trying to do stuff- for real.


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