Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Heat Was Almost Too Much...

So... Your girl Mary did her thing last night. To death. You hear me? I went in there thinking I was coming to see the "old Mary in concert." You know who I'm talking about. The Mary that couldn't sing live, out of shape, breathing hard. I wouldn't have cared either way, I love Mary Jane! She shocked the hell out of me though. Mary took it back to "What's the 411?." She did "Sweet Thing", the "Real Love" remix (as you've probably heard though: Jay fills in for Big). At one point she did "I'm Going Down" and held the mic out over the crowd. Everybody in the arena was screaming every single word at the top of their lungs. Riffs, cadences and all. The whole song. She sang "No More Drama", which is definitely not one of my favorites, but she made me love it that night. She sang that track like she had a choir robe on. Started crying and everything on stage and I felt a chill run down my spine, thought I was going to start tearing up. I kept it together though. How would that look, rapping along with "Dead Presidents" tear streaked face and all?

Jay did his older ish too. I coulda really lost my mind in there when he came out to "Say Hello to the Bad Guy." He did "I Know", had the crowd repeat, then switched up the beat and brought Jeezy out for his verse on Shawty Lo's "Dey Know". Dope! When I say the crowd went effin' nuts... He did "Jigga What", "Big Pimpin'" (ugh), "Izzo", "Feelin' It", "PSA"(I was praying he'd do that one the day before). Man, that joint is crazy, and he had this video footage of rock bands going nuts and smashing up guitars and what not. The pics vibrated to the beat, the whole scene with me losing my voice, everybody throwing up the diamond: it felt like an army was coming through. Live band for the entire show. Strings and horns and everything. Fly as shit. Ooh wee!

I was like, I've been trying to go to Chicago to visit for the longest time, that tour may just be one of the reasons I finally up and go. I was tight I couldn't bring my camera in there, and the camera in my phone isn't worth a damn. Oh well.

LOL. Oh yeah. The entire time Jay did his set, there was a girl on the outside of my row hollering and screaming about, "Brang Beyonce out! Brang your wife out!" He teased the crowd with a bunch of beats at one point, two of them being "Crazy in Love" and Upgrade U". She damn near fell the fuck out. LOL. "Ohhh, oh my god! He's gon' do it! He's gon' bring her out!" She started crying and shit. Grown woman. Starstruck as hell. Of course, Beyonce did not come out last night. Puff did though, I forgot what joint he played hypeman for, but he was out there. Memphis Bleek was out there too at one point, playing hypeman... He really is straight I guess. Grant Hill was in the audience with his wife Tamia; Tyler Perry, D Woods from Danity Kane, some other local folk. It was chill.