Friday, April 4, 2008

"Just G'head and Strap Me Up Now..."

Okay, maybe this picture is a bit extreme but that quote from the title... I really felt like screaming that shit when I walked in the house today after a ten hour shift at the gig. I worked a double today, made most of my guap during lunch and basically stood around for hours after, "working" dinner. No bread during dinner, and I basically had to beg to be cut from the floor so I could finally jump in the Maxie and kick these new Reeboks off (Classics are usually pretty comfortable. I bought 'em from Walter's for $15 the other day; I needed new kicks for work. The catch is, of course, that they're half a size too small. I pulled the insoles out and tried to rock 'em anyway. Silly me. I need to stretch 'em out.)

Anyways, Jarvis works from the early morning to the late afternoons now, think 3 am to 4pm, and that's when I'm headed to work, so he'll be tired and have to watch Keiko until I get in, around 11 pm. By that time though, most of the time, he'll be there, knocked out and she'll be into something. Before I did her hair this morning, I cut my bangs. She watched me do it, I didn't think about it until I got home, found Jarvis snoring and a pile of hair on my nightstand. Then I looked and saw my clippers on the floor. I didn't see her head right away but when I did, I coulda nutted up right there. I just felt like, as much as we do, as hard as we work, it's always something. I know it's just hair and it'll grow back and three-year-olds do that type of thing all the time but, damn. We just had a series of good days. We just had a run. I just feel like shaving her head. It looks ridiculous.