Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scales of Justice. Part Two.

Y'all heard about Remy Ma? Well, apparently, while Tip Harris was walking out of a federal courthouse with his hands free, Remy was handcuffed and escorted deeper within the walls of her respective courthouse, sobbing cries of what I'd think was a bitter mix of shock and dread. Mind you, I hadn't been following her particular case too tough, but I couldn't honestly say that I thought she'd be seriously punished. Even her lawyer Ivan Fisher said, "Remy's taking this really, really hard. She didn't anticipate this." Nah, ya think?

What allegedly happened to put Remy Ma in this situation: Last summer, she and a girlfriend were out, Remy suspected that the friend took three grand from her, according to the friend, she didn't take the money, and when she told Remy this, it fell on deaf ears and Remy proceeded to shoot her in the gut. Okay?

I googled Remy Ma and it seems like every news site has this story up (As a side note: Why does it seem like you never see the positive shit hip hop's involved in on these sites as top stories?). I didn't see anything about her having a crazy crime record or anything before this, so I guess she really was like, "Naw, first offense. I'll be home in a bit."

What she said happened as far as the gun going off, sounded crazy as hell: She and the girl were in the car wrestling over the gun and it "just went off". The prosecution argued that with it being the type of gun that it is, she'd have to cock it back with two hands consciously before it could be fired. And it was loaded up with hollow points. Tsk [shaking head]. In saying that, there's no way in hell that the gun could "just go off." That's where she fucked up.

Even if she said that she didn't have the gun with her the whole time and someone else could've cocked it back and left it ready, that would've sounded less crazy. Anyways, she could've killed that girl. Thankfully, she didn't lose her life. It's sad to see someone else in a position where they could've just had fun living life, possibly making a positive difference in anything, headed to the big house for who knows how long. She's facing 25 though. Five- at the very least. Dumb mistake. Sometimes it's okay to be lame and stay at the house and make music, polish your lyrics or whatever. She's 26 years old.