Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boy, I Really Need to Read More.

That's something that I'd been telling myself for what feels like the longest time now. After the loop repeats for a while: just working and coming home, watching a bit of TV, jumping on the i-net- I just feel like a damn dummy. Like, man, I need to go to Borders and just walk around. LOL. Just be in the presence of a book or three.

The other day, Jarvis, Kamaia and I had our weekly family outing (which due to our schedules, seems to occur about once a month now). We went to the mall hoping to tucker this tireless 3 year old out enough where she'd be napping as soon as we pulled back into the garage in 60 minutes. We went to Stonecrest and window shopped for a while. He did a bit of actual shopping at DTLR, then I wanted to go to the bookstore. I realized again why I like to do that type stuff on my own. The baby was restless and Jarvis was getting antsy. I didn't even get a chance to browse like I wanted to. I went in there to see if they had this Kanye book that I'd heard about on his blog. But there were a few others that I'd wanted to check out too. I had to cut the whole visit short and get the hell out of there, before Miss Keiko started terrorizing bookish patrons sitting in comfy looking chairs enjoying plots and scenarios. Next time, the fam stays home.