Thursday, March 6, 2008

"I'm On That Grey Goose... Do I Know You?"

Sometimes- okay it's getting to be pretty regular now, I drink- a lot. Well, not a helluva lot, but enough. I mean, after Keiko is asleep and her daddy's belly is full and we're all just on some chill ish. He and I get on it. Real life- busting your ass, working blue collar or service type jobs [sigh], when you clock out and forget that you work where ever it is, you try to forget for real with a snifter of that brown or a rocks glass of that white. I'll probably look at this post tomorrow like what the hell was I thinking but [shrugging shoulders] whatever. I'm on that Grey Goose...

I was in contact with my secret mentor recently. When I say "secret" I mean, she had no idea before I told her some years ago. I didn't even know her. It was so random too; I remember being thirteen, maybe fourteen years old reading her pieces in Vibe like, "Man, she's so eloquent. She just flows. I hope I can be like that one day. Where my pieces make someone feel like that. She's absolutely dope." And a few years ago, I was messin' with Kanye's publicist at the time, and we talked about aspirations. I mentioned dream hampton as a part of my inspiration and he was like, "I know her. You want her e-mail address?". And that was that. Jarvis always says to me, "You're lucky enough to speak with someone that had that much of an effect on you. A lot of people don't even have that, a lot of people don't even know what they wanna do." I love that I am able to ask her for advice, or questions, or whatever. It's flippin' great! Okay is the 'tipsy' showing now? I'm out.


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