Thursday, March 13, 2008

Damn I'm out the Loop...

I went to somebody's trap page the other day and heard "Telephone" by this girl. I'm kinda digging her. Kid Sister's on some house ish, but not straight techno. She calls it "ghetto house". Anyways, I don't usually like anything that even remotely sounds like it could be go-go, but her stuff is cool. It's good to see a female come out with something different and creative. Keep your eyes peeled.

I also need to cop the new joint from this insightful lady. I've been loving Erykah since age 13, not always realizing the depth of what she was saying until I went through my own ish. I heard it debuted at #2. A must-have. Most definitely. BTW, isn't this cover dope? Tip has always had this kind of underlying sexy, doncha think?

And finally just so y'all get the full idea of just how far out of the loop I am. I'm a native Brooklynite. Born at Brookdale. Raised in East New York. Went to Lincoln H.S. in Coney Island. Okay- so Heart of the City is coming to the A in about a month and guess who doesn't have their ticket yet. I know I'm slipping but this family life is no joke. Whenever I get ready to buy it, something else comes up. It's always something that a responsible adult would take care of immediately. So I'm trying to be responsible.
My homie from D.C. is begging me to stop playing and cop mine this weekend. He already has his. I'm thinking of ways to swing Creative Recreations for Keiko, new glasses & contacts for myself, and a ticket to see Jay. I'm not exactly young, hot and single anymore! Well- I'm still hot- at least a lil' bit! LOL.