Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Nonsense.

So I'm at work today, already aggy, as there were a million things that I could think of doing besides being there dealing with the one table I had all evening. Anyways, so I'm there and the room service phone rings. Let me get into the foolishness that follows:

"Good evening, In Room Dining."

"Yeah, umm, I'm trying to order some food."

[I'm thinking, 'Obviously.']

"For what room?"

"Uhh, I live here. [Condo] 3605.


"Naw, 36-05"

"Sir, we don't have a 36th floor here. We only have 26."

"How you gon' tell me where I stay at?!? You acting like I don't know where I live at! I stay in 36-05! 36-05! 36-0..."

"Sir could you please hold?"

And I hit the 'hold' button so I wouldn't have to snap on his ignorant ass. If he would've given me half a second I could've saved his stupid ass from taking extra breaths, carrying on and shit. I hit 'resume' and he's still screaming and hollering, presumably to someone in the background.

"She tryna tell me I don't know where I live. I know where the hell I live 36-05! Sheeit, gon' tell me. She talking 'bout there's only 26 floors. Sheeit... She don't know what she talking 'bout."

"Sir, thanks for holding." [I said this with the sweetest smile in my voice, like I didn't even hear him acting a complete ass. Not that he woulda cared.] "Sir, do you live at the Twelve Centennial Park or the Twelve Atlantic Station?"


"This is the Twelve Atlantic Station sir and we only have 26 floors." ['asshole']

[slight pause over the phone, but no apology of course.]

"See, I don't know why they transferred me to y'all. I live here, shit, well, that fall back on them. That's they fault. Aaight."

"Mmm hmm" [click].

I'm so tired of dealing with people who don't know how to deal with people. I gotta get on so I can stop doing this shit. But it was laughable- this time. Sometimes you don't feel like dealing with them though.