Saturday, February 9, 2008

Do It Now!

So I have FIVE years to thirty. As of last Wednesday, the 6th, your girl is a whole 25 years old. I just wanted to lay in bed the whole day though. Looking pathetic. When 2008 began I was like, "Ima make a change, for real, I'm going to make a series of serious, positive changes in my life." It wasn't one of those wack epiphanies that people say come January 1st. "Ima lose weight" or "Ima save more money." It was a real deal realization within myself like, "Shit has GOT to change this year. No more excuses left and no more time to look back and say 'Damn, I shoulda...'" But it still bothers me when I think about it.

I can't complain about my life too tough though. My little girl just turned three. She's happy and healthy and she's just started dance class on Saturdays. She's so funny, she doesn't know too much now, but she knows that she LOVES dancing. So how can I be mad at anything? The most important person in my life is good so I'm good. Generally speaking that is...

Careerwise, I've been working on this book off and on, and I know that I should be tackling it head on but I just don't have the energy or the peace of mind most of the time. Nick Cannon is down here in the A this weekend, throwing a party for the launch of his new magazine, Style and Substance [raising eyebrows]. He's staying at the hotel I work in, and it wasn't until the last minute when I thought maybe I should ask him for the magazine's contact number. I couldn't get to him then. S Word!

Jarvis told me that I should really try to watch my language around the baby. She dropped something today and was like, "FUCK!"
He said, "KAMAIA! What did you say?"

"Sorry Daddy! Sorry! I sorry Daddy!"

"Who you learn that from?"

"Mommy say that, Mommy say that. And she tell me 'Don't say that word!'

Awful. LOL. So I picked that up from a couple girls I work with. Instead of cursing for now, I'll be like "S Word!"

Peace and Love,
Nadine G.