Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm A Jerk... I Know...

Damn. I ain't mean to leave y'all hanging... :o) Trust me. It's all love. It's just that since that last post, I've been busy as hell, writing like crazy, rebuilding this portfolio, hearing tons of new music and trying to network. Not to mention, I got a new 9 to 5 and they are pretty liberal with the website blocks. :o(

This summer's been a hectic and tragic one pretty much all the way through huh? I'ma do my personal rundown:

1. Michael Jackson's Passing: Very sad, feels like your cousin died. Because despite all the strangeness that followed MJ, he really WAS the greatest entertainer, IMO (and a lot of other people's), who lived. And I feel like, it's a shame that my kid will never know the power of that "MoonWalker" flick (we watched that VHS RELIGIOUSLY in grade school). :o)

2. VIBE Folded: I was SICK. I'd wanted to write for VIBE since I was a young teenager- never got the opportunity. I got really close though. LOL. I'd been reading it even before then, starting with the Treach issue, cover to cover. In its later years, it wasn't what it had been, but it was STILL the best "urban" magazine at news stands. :o(

3. Steve McNair's Murder by Mistress: SMDH. I feel for that man's kids. From what I understand, he was a good hearted dude, he was charitable and kind, and good as hell at football. It's bad because now, in death, his image is tarnished (in a sense).
He handled the situation badly, and his kids without a Daddy because: a. He couldn't keep his dick in his pants and stay home, and b. He wasn't been smarter about it, and more discreet. He was tricking on this young girl HEAVY, and she was in love, she had already told the fam that they were getting married, and I think I heard that he'd MET the family. Why do that if y'all are just f*cking? Now she's pissed because you're not leaving your wife and kids, and you fall ASLEEP over there? Just a REALLY sad situation.

4. Kelis and Nas's Divorce: LOL. He tried to be cute and say he wasn't paying for shit, she got him for CRAZY moola. I thought they would be together forever, quite honestly *shrugs* Call me a romantic... It sucks, because they've had a baby born into the drama.
*Note: I'm not condoning gold digging by any means, but if your estranged wife is very much preggo, and you're no where to be found AND you're acting like it's too much to act like you give a f*ck, then yeah... She has the right to tax your ass.

There's more but I don't wanna talk y'all to death so I'm leaving it here...
But if I'm ever gone for a minute and you happen to find yourself missing me ;o)...
I'm on Twitter of course, and R.E.'s is another good spot to go visit, he's funny and he's always on that new ish.


R.E. said...

Hanging???? You haven't updated your site in 3 months. You left us lynching. Thanks for the shout out though. *wink*