Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who I Saw Last Night...

Photo courtesy of Maurice Garland.

So your girl finally went to the Drake concert. Good deal right? Umm... It was okay. General admission and the show started at ten, so by the time I got to the city from Lithonia, it was just after 9 p.m.. The line wrapped around the building, with what seemed to be all of the AU Center, current students and alumni. A lot of young girls. I'd go as far to say, more than half the audience were females. In dresses and heels. Not your typical rap show. Just before stepping inside, I noticed that my damn camera didn't have batteries. Aargh!

The opener Danny! got booed relentlessly then got sensitive about it. Took it personal and let the young kids see him sweat. SMH. Jaspects were up next and they did very well. I dig them, definitely. The crowd, males(!) and females, surged and chanted, "WE WANT DRAKE!" for a while. He came out, girls shrieked. I felt old as fuck. And hot. LOL.

From what I understand Usher was brought out onstage, for like, 5 seconds (went to the bar and missed him, LOL). Eric Sermon, of EPMD and Def Squad, was there. Teyana Taylor came out on stage at the show's end. Trey Songz was there, of course (his cute self). Would've gone to the afterparty but... *shrugs*.

Video courtesy of Smoking Section.

Drake - "Successful" (Featuring Trey Songz) from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.


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