Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch Up...

LOL. I'm fucking up huh? I know, I know... I'll try to do better. I just did a catch-up post but so much has happened in the last month, personally. I've been writing a lot more, when editors around the city told me I wasn't decent, and "where the fuck did [I] go to school?" I'm good now. LOL. I knew I wasn't crazy! Contributing to Thank God I'm Famous, under Sickamore. Looking to get my hands into something else in addition. I'm hella excited though, sheesh, finally, at age 26.

Keiko got into Pre-Kindergarten for the FREE FREE! (grin) I'm excited for her. Her daddy is sad about it. He feels like she has the rest of her life for all that. She's too smart to be kicking it with the babies at daycare though. She's ecstatic- can't wait for August. In GA, they have a lottery for every zone school, so out of like, 60 4-year-olds they only pick 20 names out of a decorated box! I coulda fell the fuck out, right there, in the school library when they called her name. It's not that we couldn't have put her in a private Pre-K but I think it was the build up and the amazing fact that my little baby is actually going to school... WTH?

As a sidenote, your girl is off to the Drake concert out here in two weeks! And as a sidenote to the sidenote, LOL, here's an editorial I wrote relating to that Young Man. Hit the link.