Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daaa-daa-daaa! Wait Till I Get My Money Right...

Long time right? I know. Been a bit busy. So I left off looking for a writing gig. Well, I got one writing for Insite Magazine down here (an independent catering primarily to city dwellers from college age to young adults in their early 30s). I've been doing movie reviews during the summer and hopefully, if they'll have me, I can stay on until I graduate from State-ugh, whenever that happens. I can't afford school this semester so that's yet another semester off and that means I'll be doubling up for the Spring but whatever...[sigh] Ima dance across that stage when I'm done.

I reviewed this French film My Best Friend. Cute movie. And Sicko. Really informative. And Bratz. Nothing new there- a story about friendship enduring tribulation, same old- apparently everyone else felt the same. It bombed opening weekend.

I also got a new job! In Atlantic Station! At the Twelve! Slinging those plates as usual but a lot classier- slinging for a lot more money. Yes, your girl will get her bread up. It's a foodie's paradise, with a lot of ingredients in the kitchen, a lot of bottles behind the bar, and a hell of a lot of cheese flowing through the joint. Feel me?

Nadine G.